The Weather in Vermont is typical New England...It changes all the time!

Well it almost seemed that way.  Hailing from a Southeastern Massachusetts town, I never thought that snow could actually exist in such large quantities in May! While my hometown residents of Easton, MA were enjoying the fully bloomed flowers of spring, I was still staring at nearly 5 inches of snow on the ground as this picture shows you on May 8, 1997. This picture was taken at the base of Burke Mountain near the ski resort, located in East Burke, Vermont. Nearly five inches of wet snow is on the ground under my feet and the snow is falling moderately at the time this shot was taken. Amazingly enough, well over six inches of snow fell at the summit of Burke Mountain (3500' elevation) where at the time this photo was taken the temperature was down to 26 degrees with the mountain being completely obscured in heavy snow and fog! Click on the picture for a full view in JPG format.


I was definitely glad that this winter was over.  This picture is of me in front of the Lyndon State College Meteorology Department's instrument shelter. Notice...the grass is actually becoming green at this time. This was actually taken around April 20th before the snow event at Burke Mountain on May 8th by a friend of mine. You can click on the picture for a full view in JPG format.  


Check out the links below for some great Vermont and Northern New England weather links. The area is rich in natural beauty and the weather is incredibly diverse. The links below have lots of information on the weather in general and can be specific in both a statewide and regional sense. Enjoy!

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There are more links to guide you through the amazing changeable and variable weather of Northern New England so stay tuned!

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Updated September 17, 1997