American Red Cross
Standard Operating Procedures
for Responding to Hazardous Materials

The American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay responds to various types of man made or natural disasters within its 79 Communities. The standard response time set forth by our National American Red Cross office is a two-hour response. However, the American Red Cross Mass Bay tries to respond to all incidents as soon as Emergency Management Personnel, Fire Departments, Safety Personnel or the general public notifies us of the need of our services. The mission of the American Red Cross is to provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

The American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay standard operating procedure in Hazardous Material response will focus on two main aspects initially. The first service is to provide immediate Mass Care to emergency personnel on the scene as well as individuals that have been displaced from their homes. Red Cross personnel will provide food and drinks as needed and coordinate other voluntary agencies that are willing to help provide this service.

The second service which takes place almost as immediately as the first service is to work with the local emergency personnel to locate and provide temporary shelter/evacuation sites for uncontaminated people. Red Cross will work with local emergency personnel, school departments, local volunteers and Red Cross volunteers to staff and run the shelter/evacuation site. Red Cross will also provide Mass Care to individuals that dwell in the shelter.

When deemed appropriate after proper consultation with various emergency personnel Red Cross will either close or provide other types of sheltering when appropriate due to long term displacement. Red Cross will also help families in their basic necessities that have had loss due to the disaster. This will happen once we have confirmed the extent of the disaster through damage assessment and also after Red Cross personnel have registered these clients. Red Cross will also refer these clients to other agencies that might be able to offer further assistance.

Method of Notification:

To notify the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay of any potential incident please call us at (617) 375-0700. Then follow the prompts to report a disaster.

During the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday a Red Cross staff personnel will answer. Please provide them with the appropriate information and call back numbers so that we can confirm as well as update the appropriate service the American Red Cross will provide.

After business hours and on weekends our Answering Service will gather the appropriate information and pass it along to the on-call personnel to activate the appropriate services that are required.