Sable Timeline-1979 to Present

ASC Board: President-Ed Piner, Jean Peterson, Hugh Spacht, Al Davies, Jeanne Meister, Louise Milner, Muriel Barber, William Burson, Richard Duding, Edna Pierce, Ruth Baumgartner, William Brice, Billie Ballantine (now Hayes), Jo Friesen. Standard Committee Chairman-Tom O’Neal.

1983 Ballot
Ballot* to add sable to the ASCOB variety. Please look carefully at the wording on this ballot :

"The Board of Directors of the American Spaniel Club has received a recommendation from the Standard Committee of the American Spaniel Club strongly recommending that the Sable color cocker spaniel be included within the ASCOB variety. By the term “Sable” we are referring to some shade of buff or red with black tipping.
The sable color is allowed in the black and particolor varieties and in order to have a consistent Standard the sable color should be included in all varieties.
The AKC definition of sable is a lacing of black hairs over a lighter ground color.
In the past few years much research has been done on the sable color in cocker spaniels. It has been proven the sable color has been with us as long as the Cocker itself.
We feel it is extremely important that we eliminate the confusion that presently exists in judging this color."

This ballot then went on to offer YES to add sable to the ASCOB variety or NO to make sable a disqualification in the ASCOB variety.

    1572 ballots mailed
    932 returned
    592- Yes
    340- No
Neither option (to include sable in the ASCOB variety or to DISQUALIFY sable) received the necessary 2/3 to pass. At the March 5, 1983 Board meeting that was held after this vote Dick Duding made the following motion*:

"In view of the inconclusive vote on the Sable as well as the confusion which seemingly exists, I recommend we, the board, review all letters, member comments and other related information now available for the purpose of determining how a genetic study if feasible should be pursued."

This motion was unanimously passed by the Board. "As there were not a two-thirds majority vote the ballots were inconclusive in accordance with our by-laws, Article VII-Section 2."

I have been unable to find evidence that any genetic study was commissioned by the Board at this time.

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