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  I have begged a few KB's from the Furry Gang for a small statement of my own. I was just enlighten to this story today, and I have to tell you the tears really were seeping. Now mind you, I am not an emotional person, if anything I have been accused of being rather cold-hearted. After years of being a foster parent for the DNR-Dept. of Natural Resourses-I learned in a terrible way that people will do anything to an animal. There are a whole lot of uneducated people that actually believe animals do not think or feel. I have had to brace myself against many attrocities. Thus, the tears stay under control and I finally gave up my position because I was getting too emotionally involved.  
  Okay, the purpose of this page...a few weeks ago, a terrified small buggy-eyed kitten appeared under my house. It was dirty and very thin, it took almost three and a half weeks to coax it out and befriend it. I didn't befriend it, please let me correct myself, IT befriended me. In one mad dash of lonliness, it ran at me and started rubbing on my leg darn near scaring me to death. I only knew it was a feral kitten, I had no idea where it came from or how it got under my house. I live on a busy Main Street in a factory town, tractor trailors roaring by all hours of the day and night. I had just assumed it was a wild kitten from the factories. Having been mauled a few times by the tiniest of creatures I am well aware of the damage they can inflict. At a point in my life when I became finacially able to adopt shelter animals, it was highly recommended by my Vet that I not attempt to put the two rotten Kidz I have through the adjustment, their size and health were both extreme factors in this decision. Both go in excess of 18 pounds, they are Manx and really a large breed of cat. (Ok, actually Siam is HALF Manx-Bird did have a night out of control before she was spayed.) Neither have ever received any shots because of the struggle to keep them alive after I aquired them. Since Dr. Scoene knew me well, he knew I would act responsibly in their care.  
  Ok, back to the crazy kitten...Never, NEVER had the thought entered my mind to take on another Cat in their lifetime. But this little muddy bundle decided for me. Within days of the first contact, "Kingsford" was moved in to the Art Studio we have upstairs. It has it's own entrance so the larger Cats have no access. Kingsford was then taken to the Vet for assesment. Yes SHE was healthy, a slight case of roundworm, she weighed in at a bouncing one pound amd according to the Doc, was right at seven weeks old. SEVEN weeks?? That means she was less than three weeks old when we first saw her! Yep! He was certain, she bordered on six to seven weeks. We know without a doubt there was no mother Cat. The bunnies still lived in the garden right next to the house. A brand new litter less than three weeks old. Definite Cat food. How had Kingsford survived and where did she come from? Perhaps, just perhaps, the spirit of Ninja lives on. I want to believe, for the sake and peace of mind of the caregivers of Ninja. But aren't all orphaned Cats that special?  
  Yes, but sometimes, you see a flicker of light in the eyes of a stray, and that flicker calls to only you. Take it for what it is, a gift of the soul. Every human is given chances in their life to make up for the behavior of others. I will never let that chance pass by me again.  
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