0 Grab hold here to get out of someones frames!

  My name is Kingsford.
  I was born sometime around August 8, 1998, according to my very new
  Vet, Dr. Schoene.
  I get to be the SpokesCat for Cat World.
  Cat World and our sister site, Meow City, are both meant to be
  entertaining and fun.
  But they are also meant to educate.
  This will be my job here.
  How did I earn this prestigeous position, you may ask.
  Well, here is my story.
  Unlike Olivia or Scruffy , I represent the success story.
  Sometime around August 23rd, 1998, I scared my now Meowmie to death because I
  gave her my most fearsome roar and hiss.
  I was hiding under her back porch and living under her house where
  evil demons and scary boo's live.
  I called out one night because I got very scared and when she came out
  out of house I roared my mightiest roar and hissed my fiercest hiss.
  I didn't mean to scare her, I just wanted her to know how dangerous I was. Well she went back inside the house and came out again with a plate of great food and some cream!
  Of course she had no idea how little I really was, she could only hear my fierceness! ROWRW!! She continued to feed me for a week or so, and I decided to sneak a peek at her. She was quite surprised!
  It took another week or so before I just HAD to run up and rub her leg. It scared her so bad she fell over!! hehe!!
  Well, in no time at all we became really good friends and
  she and my new Pappa Jim took me way up to a high place
  and gave me a warm bed and lots of food and love.
  Since I wouldn't let them touch me just yet, they named me
  "Kingsford" because I looked like a little piece of charcol.
  Today, when I went to my first Vet ever, he told them I was a she!
  But we have all agreed that the name Kingsford fits me well!
  No one is really sure where I came from or how I
0 came to be under the house. Perhaps I hitched a ride in the car
  with Pappa Jim or maybe I got lost from my Mommy Kitty,
  but it still remains a fact that I was only about four weeks old
  when I took up residence under that cold dark house.
  I am a Fairy
Cat (Sorry, the link for this gift is no longer available!)
  So that is my story.
  Now I will be the one to speak out for all the lost and sad animals
  who may not be so lucky.
  I could have easily been attacked by other animals or hurt
  by mean people who are too ignorant to realize I have feelings too.
  So now we begin my job!
  Please! Please! spay or neuter your pet!
  Keep us inside and away from danger!
  Give us proper care and take us to the Vet regularly!
  Love us, we are a gift to you from the Creator, whoever you believe in.
  I know in some parts of the world, we are the food source for many
  hungry people, but cruelty in the United States of America
  is wrong and the laws protecting all animals must be changed.
  It should be a crime to torture us and abandon us.
  Let your voice be heard, I have a page dedicated to helping you learn
  what you can do to help.
  Just click on the NEXT button to start!
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  I received this award
December 15th,1998.
My very first ever and I am soooo proud of it!!
  The Rescue Rosters' Adopted Pet Award!
  Thank you so much...Really!
  The complete Black Cat Image representing Kingsford come from CatStuff!
The face at the top of the page is actually Kingsford.
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