Grab hold here to get out of someones frames!  
  Let's talk First Aid & Safety!  
  Now, we Cats, being highly intellectual beings, tend to be  
  just a little curious. We prefer to call it "investigative".  
  If it is there, the rules that apply are as follows:  
  Cautiously approach  
  Tap to see if it will bite or snap  
  Circle to see how confused it gets  
  Stop and look totally uninterested  
  Play with something else while watching to see if it is interested  
  Sniff carefully  
  Turn quickly and pounce  
  Bite, taste or chomp, whichever applies.  
  So you see, we MUST follow the rules of probable prey.  
  This is not only for fun, but to protect YOU from  
  possible evil beings that only Cats are aware of!  
  The Following page is a printable First Aid reference page.  
  Please take it and keep it safe.  
  When we conquer evil gremlins, sometimes we get hurt  
  and this information may be very valuable someday  
  in saving the rescuing Cat.  
  Just click on the NEXT rung in the ladder for the page!  
  First Aid For Cats!  
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