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  On October the 14th, 1998, I went to the Perry County, Indiana Animal Shelter to adopt a friend for our newest addition, Kingsford. They stayed open late so I could get there and pick from the Cats on Death Row. Maybe that sounds morbid to some, but even one life saved is something.  
  I haven't been to the Animal Shelter since it was started a couple of years ago, but I remember Sue Anderson well from the days when she financed and cared for dozens of abandoned and neglected Pets at her home. I was very impressed that the county finally saw fit to back her heroic efforts with some funding. The facility is small, but very clean and the animals are held and loved as much as possible. The young lady I met and her husband and son, were concerned and caring people. I went in as the tough animal protection activist and left there barely keeping my emotions in check. What these people do for us is beyond heroic. They are better people than me simply because they are there. I went into the Puppy compound first, just because they wanted to show me around a bit.  
  They introduced me to the line up for the next days euthanization. Four Puppies were beyond help. They had been brought in by the owner of the Mother dog at four weeks. They were clean and shiny, but they had a look in their eyes.....they were done living before the decision to euthanize ever came down. Even if I had been able to adopt them they were not available. They had died in their hearts already. The other four Puppies due to be put down were active bubbly bundles of fur who seemed to proclaim-"Love me!! I will always love you!!". I knew I could never take a Dog because outside does not exist at my apartment. It is a busy Main Street in a factory area and the tractor trailers have already made quick work of Dogs who escaped the care of their owners.  
  On we went to the Cat pens. Oh reality is such an ugly experience. There I stood in the midst of Gods' most aloof creatures, independent and closely in touch with their wild roots, they reached through the bars and pawed for my attention. Just a touch was all they wanted, "Please look at me and see how wonderful I will be to you!". I touched and touched and said I'm so sorry so many times it began to sound like the only words I knew. They all gave me massive headbutts and wonderful licks, I didn't know what to do. I knew my finances were limited, I also knew I had to be careful of the size and aggresion factors because Kingsford was a rescue but she was very small and shy.  
  I looked and talked to them all, trying to make the right decision, but what was right? The Mother Cat with the litter of seven, the 2 year old neutered male someone got tired of, the two little bundles sitting in the corner looking like they knew I could not pick them....then I saw them...a cage on top....the right age and size...Colleen pulled out one, "this one is so lovable we have really taken a liking to it, this bent tail just makes it look so special." But I made the mistake of looking at the whole litter. Four of them. As soon as I looked I regretted it. The show began. They jumped and played and turned every way imaginable so I could admire their total cuteness. I could feel them reaching into my brain and pulling out all common sense and dumping it on the ground.  
  How do you choose who will live and who will die? Who is necessary and who is dispensable? I have never hated the human species more than I did right then. I chose the litter. No groceries for the next two weeks but I had plenty of Cat food so they would at least eat. I had enough soup to get through till payday, the kittens needed me now. I pointed to the cage of four kittens and left the room. I could not face the ones I did not choose. All I kept telling myself was I could not save the world.  
  I loaded them up in the carrier, filled out the necessary paperwork promising to spay and neuter them and take care of them, the wonderful people gave me four little bags of Welcome Home Kitty goodies that I kindly gave back and asked them to donate it to someone else-I was more than prepared to house the kittens in total luxury. I may not be prepared in my own existance but there are enough Cat Supplies in my house to care for dozens of strays who wander through the yard. No need to take from an already needy organization. I saw relief in Colleens' face as I headed for the car, tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM there would be fourteen wonderful lives ended, but at least not eighteen. How little that is to get by on. Next week there will be more I know this, the beautiful Blue Cat that sat there and reminded me so much of my Sisters' Cat Misty, who had passed away in March at the ripe age of 18. The two that were about 5 months old, a pale creme color Sweety and a Black and White male. They have a week. Maybe I can win the lottery in the next week and save them all. Maybe the County will up their funding so they can go on and become a no-kill shelter.....maybe maybe maybe......  
  I almost made it all the way home-35 miles-I was within five miles anyway. Then reality came crashing in. The kittens were so quiet in the back seat, like they knew how close they came....I pulled the car over to the shoulder and cried till I couldn't even breathe. Someone had to mourn them, someone had to care.  
  I still saw those puppies, the look in their eyes, how sad to think the owner of the mother dog will let her breed again and again and continue to dump the puppies till the female finally dies. I thought of the Mother Cat and the litter with her, could I call the shelter and maybe talk them in to waiting a week till I had more money? All of them, so many lives that suddenly will go away because they were a burden to an uncaring society of beings who find life as disposable as yesterdays' paper.  
  We have already named the kittens, it was an easy thing to do. They were so open and wonderful their names just jumped on them. We now have Monkey, Leopold, Trouble and then there is a tiny little thing, her name will be Jewel. We are not sure she will make it. She is so small and seems to fight for every waking moment. But we will hope and pray and the Cat Gods above will watch over her.  
  So begins Kingsfords' new family. They are quite a crew and things are really hopping in the studio now. We come downstairs and Siam & Baby Bird know something is up, but they look so huge after being with the kittens, we know the two groups will never meet. As soon as things settle into a routine, we will grace this site with their pictures, but for now, no cameras' or loud noises. Everyone is getting adjusted and we want to keep things as simple as we can. We are so unsure of Jewels future, we aren't sure she will make it to her Vets' appointment. Time will tell.  
  So, for the sake of humanity, isn't there room for just one more? Adopt a shelter animal today. There are shelters who must euthanize because there are people who will not take responsible action and care for their Pets the way they should. Please find that little extra space in your heart and save a life. If you already have a Pet you love and care about, make sure you make the right decision, spay or neuter your pet today. There are enough unloved animals in the world already, why sentence more to die?  
  Thank you for taking the time to share this with us, we hope it reached you in some way. Meow City will contionue it's efforts to educate as many as possible to the necessity of spaying and neutering. We also will join with so many sites like PawPrints & Purrs, Action Cat, Tuggers Campaign and many others to help strengthen the laws pertaining to animal abuse offenses. This must stop. Neglect and abuse are the beginning of a breakdown in a total society. If we allow animals to be so dispensable it is hard not to see why our children are becoming the same way. Wake up America, it's your turn to answer for this.  
  This site will support the efforts of people like Sue Anderson, Colleen Morris and the Perry County Animal Shelter. They would rather operate a no-kill shelter, but due to the extremely high amount of disregard for animals in the area Sue is located, Euthanization is a must unless more funding can come from the County or supporters like you and me. If you reside near the Southern Indiana area of Perry County and are interested in adopting or fostering animals, please contact them at  
  Perry County Animal Shelter, Inc.
RR. 1 Box 408C
Cannelton, Indiana 47520
  They are open every day but Tuesday, noon till five PM, Thursday & Sunday From noon till 3:00PM. They will gladly assist you in finding a new friend to share your life with.  
  The Next page is more on Unwanted Pets and Shelters. UNWANTED PETS  
  The Image I use to represent Kingsford came from CatStuff Kingsford is still a little spooky so I don't want to camera shock her until she is much more settled! Thank you CatStuff!   

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