Grab hold here to get out of someones frames!
Kingsford the SpokesCat.
We would like to introduce you to different sites and
causes available to you throughout the Internet.
Please follow the next few pages to become aware
of things you, as a Human, can do to help out the animals.
So many wonderful Humans are reaching into the
Government machine to try and help us.
Could you give a little bit of your time and join them?
Thank You.
Please Spay or Neuter Your Pet! For their sake!
CatZilla Says!! Excellent Reading!!
Thank You Club Med!
More Important Information!
Add you voice for them!!
I really do care!

Remember please, Our lives depend on you.
This is no joke. Cats are openly abused and then
the abuser walks away with not even a slap on the wrist.
Please contact your Government officials and let them know
you will no longer tolerate the consistent release and non-punishment
of criminals involved in Animal Cruelty.
This is not a simple thing to do, I understand the link
between the "crazies" and the informed person.
All any Human must do is follow their heart.
This will always lead you in the right direction.
Fighting to end Animal Cruelty is not a "nutcase" thing to do.
Speak for the Animals,
if we needed to speak for you, we would at least try.

See you soon!
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Thank You GeoCities for this place to speak out.
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