art by Darren Merinuk


Here is a small list with garage punk, beat and surf bands from the 80s (or earlier) till today. Click on the names to read about their releases and to see some cool pics. Theres more stuff to come, so visit thee cave from tyme to tyme. If you have any corrections, additions or suggestions, feel free to email to thee cave.




The Acid Drops

The Apaches

The Bo-Weevils

The Cracked Jaffers

The Hangmen

The Unheard




The Bards

The Cheshyres

The Chessmen

The Cryptics

Dianda, Gaven

The Electric Roaches

The Fiends

The Girl Bombs

The Gruesomes

Les Incapables

The Minstrels

The Sherlocks

The Vindicators

The Worst


The Blowbacks

The Bogeymen

The Cryptones

Thee Gloomies

The Greenfish

The Linkers

The Out-Four

The Ramblers

The Trapmen

Les Vindicators








NEW! The Beat Set



The Beathoovers

NEW! The Cavegirls

The Dateline Diamonds

The Dukes

The No-Counts

The WhatFor!


The Cardinals

The Dirty Saints

The Sound Explosion

The Walking Screams



The 99th Floor

NEW! The Acid Flowers

The Avengers

The Electric Shields

Five For Garage

The Hermits

Pikes In Panic

Pression X

The Rookies

The Running Stream

The Sick Rose

The Space Cakes

The Ugly Things

The Woody Peakers


Just Colours


The Lubbers

The Otherside



The Evil Hoodoo


The Cosmic Dropouts

The Cutbacks

The Highrollers

The Lust-O-Rama



NEW! Agentes Secretos

The Creets

The Flashback V

Los Fossiles

NEW! The Furtivos

The Gravestones

The Mocking Byrds

NEW! The Screamin Pijas



The Backdoor Men


Capt. Future And The Zapguns

The Cliffhangers

Cornflake Zoo

The Crimson Shadows

The Hijackers

The Highspeed V

The Hymen Of Tongues

The Livingstones

The Maryland Cookies

The Preachers

The Pyromaniacs

The Slaves


The Stomachmouths

The Strollers

The Tonebenders

The Undertakers

Thee Wylde Mammoths




The Beatpack

NEW! The Beeville Hive V

Thee Cybermen

The Green Hornets

The Green Telescope

The Hoodwinks

The Mad Hatters

The Margin Of Sanity

The Mistreaters

The Morticians

The Mourning After

The Mystreated

The Nuthins

The Offhooks

The Queen Hornets

The Reaction

The Remayns


The Stepping Stones

The Snydes

The Surfadelics

The Thanes

The Tyme Eliment

Ug & The Cavemen

NEW! The X-Men



1313 Mockingbird Lane

Bad Trip

The Barons

The Berry Pickers

NEW! The Birminghmas

The Bomboras

Boys From Nowhere

The Brood

The Cavegurls

The Cellar Dwellers

The Cybermen

The Deadly Nightshade

The Double Naught Spys

NEW! The Event

Evil Eyes

The Falling Spikes

The Finks

The Frosted Flaykes

The Funseekers

NEW! The Fuzztones

The Group Image

NEW! Thee Headhunters

The Headless Horsemen

The Hoods

The Hysteric Narcotics

NEW! The Mad Violets

The Malarians

NEW! The Marshmallow Overcoat

The Misanthropes

The Not Quite

The Optic Nerve

The Outta Place

The Phantom Five

The Podz

The Primates

NEW! The Prime Movers

The Projectiles

The Purple Merkins

NEW! The Ravens

The Royal Nonesuch

The Royal Pendletons

NEW! The Shout

NEW! The Suburban Nightmare

The Talismen

The Tell Tale Hearts

Ten Tons Of Lies

The Town Cryers

The Trebels

The Trembles

The Tryfles

The Ultra 5

The Unclaimed

The United States Of Existence

The Untold Fables

The Vipers

The Witchdoctors


The Hydrogen Candymen





art by Rudi Protrudi


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