Don't make me cry
I've been hoping for so long
I've been trying to hang on to my dream
Tell me why did thigns go wrong
How come life never is what is seems

Tell me why
I shed all these tears
Have I been waiting in vain
All these years?

Don't make me cry girl
No sad goodbyes now
I'm down on my knees
Don't make me cry now
I can't get goodbye in my mind
You're going away

I've been waiting all thes years
I can't believe that you're walking right out
I must have cried a million tears
Still I don't know what life's all about

Show me how
To live life without you
Tell me now baby
What should I do?

Tell me you want me
For your love will haunt me
from now on
Please make me happy once more
Or are you really gone?
Are you gone??

Don't make me cry
Don't make me cry
Don't make me cry over you...
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