Surrender to mine
You know you're not my first girl
But this time it's for real
I'll promise you a new world
I tell you how I feel

we're both young and so insecure
we've had our shoare we've both been blue
A love like this can only be pure
Oh I long to be with you
Girl I have to ask you

May I play the leading part in your sweet dreams tonight?
May I hold you in my arms until the dawn?
May I lay myself beside you intil the first sunlight?
Will you still be here when moon and stars depart?
You've surrendered to my heart.

Girl you are the only reason
And I think by now you know
For a real love there's no season
It needs a chance to grow

W're both young and so full of plans
Our fantasies will all come true
A love like this no one understands
I need to be with you
I have to ask you
You've surrendered to my heart
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