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Redden Family Reunion - August 1946

The immmediate family of James D. Redden, Sr.(b. Aug.8, 1876) gathered for a family reunion in August of 1946 on the occassion of a visit from his 5th daughter and family (Earl and Katherine Crowell of Lowell, Mass.). The reunion was recorded in a photograph published in the September 10th, 1947 edition of the Hants Journal, Hants County's oldest newspaper, established in the year of Canadian Confederation (1867).

James D. Redden married Hattie Mildred Davis (b.1875, d.1963) of Windsor, N.S. in 1903. In the photo below, he is surrounded by a family of three boys and five daughters and their families, all but one living in the immediate vicinity. The three boys, Frank, Weston (Wes)and James, Jr. are all associated with him in the family contracting and building business. There are 24 grandchildren, but no great-grandchildren as of the publication date of this photo.

  • Back Row(L-R):

  • Hulbert Anthony, Frank Redden, Earl Morine, Jim Redden, Earl Crowell, Lloyd Chase, LeRoy Boyd, Weston Redden, Hulbert Anthony Jr.;
  • 3rd Row:

  • Ronald Anthony, Lottie Redden, Ella Redden, Robert Redden, Mildred (Chase) Redden, Ruth (Anthony) Redden, Harriet "Hattie" Mildred (Davis)Redden, Edith (Morine) Redden, Lillian (Boyd) Redden, Katherine "Babe" (Crowell) Redden, Robert Anthony;
  • 2rd Row:

  • Jim Anthony, Joan Boyd, Carol Sue Boyd, Katherine "K" Crowell, Loretta Crowell, James Redden Sr., Jack Morine, Nina Redden, Judy Morine, Gordon Boyd, Shirley Boyd, Katherine Anthony, Carol Ann Crowell;
  • Front Row:

  • Richard Crowell, Donald Reigh Chase, Beverlee Lou Chase, Joyce Morine, Vida Crowell, Billie Redden, Jack Morine, Allen Redden

    My Redden family connection is through my Grandmother, Mildred Alice (Chase/Barnes) Redden. I spent many a summer camping with "Grammie" and "Grampy", whether at Card Lake or Risser's Beach (long before it was a provincial park). I even remember a trip to my grandfather's place near Oxford where we camped and fished on the River Phillip. Brook trout fishing trips with my grandmother to the little mountain brook off the old Windsor/Chester Road near the hydro dam used to be a special summer treat.

    My grandmother survived two husbands, Lloyd, who passed away in 1977 and Reigh Barnes of Windsor, who passed away in 1993 before she passed away this May, in her 90th year, just 2 weeks shy of her 11 June birthday and a month before she was to see her second grandson (me) married.

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