McWhirter Family
Marion County, Illinois

Chapter 13
Lillie Belle McWhirter Williams



Lillie Belle McWhirter Williams
Andrew J. Williams

Lillie Belle McWHIRTER , born 1868, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois, daughter of Charles Pitts and Rebecca (HAMMER) McWHIRTER (See Chapter 7) . She died 1949, Marion County, Illinois.
    Belle married Andrew J. "Andy" WILLIAMS 6 Feb 1887 by James M. Harvey, JP. Andy was born 1865 and died 1935.They are buried in Martin Cemetery, Foster Township.
    Aunt Belle and Uncle Andy had a big house in Tonti Township. It was located on the northeast corner of Oak Grove Road and Martin Road. My grandmother, Grace (BASSETT) CONANT (See Chapter 15) told me that when she was a little girl that she and her cousins use to slide down the banister of Aunt Belle's house. It evidently had a long staircase with a nice solid banister. I also would imagine that Aunt Belle didn't know they were doing that. The house has been torn down and there is a new home there and Gary and Pam (McWHIRTER) HAWKINS live there (See Chapter 11, 2-1-2).

Children of Andrew J. and Lillie Belle McWHIRTER WILLIAMS:

1. Theodore "Pidd" WILLIAMS, born 7 Dec 1889. He died 8 Aug 1964, Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois.
    Pidd married Elizabeth M. ___?___. She was born 25 Feb 1895 and died Aug 1973. Buried in Martin Cemetery.

Children of Theodore and Elizabeth (___?___) WILLIAMS:

1-1. Lyle WILLAMS.
    Lyle shot and killed himself.

1-2. Eulaine WILLAMS.
    Eulaine married 1st Ted CRAWFORD.
    Eulaine married 2nd Bob BRANNON.

Daughter of Ted and Eulaine (WILLIAMS)CRAWFORD:

1-2-1. Sandy CRAWFORD.

Daughter of Bob and Eulaine (WILLIAMS) BRANNON:

1-2-2. Deanna BRANNON.

2. Roy J. WILLAMS, born 21 Nov 1887. He died 18 Mar 1974. Buried in Alma Cemetery.
    Roy married Rosa E. BORING 2 Feb 1910, Marion County, Illinois. He was 22 and she was 18 when they married. They later divorced. She was born 11 Mar 1893, daughter of Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" and Josie (EAGAN) BORING. Rosa died 9 May 1969. Buried in Alma Cemetery. Rosa married 2nd Oscar T. SMITH.

Children of Roy J. and Rosa (BORING) WILLIAMS:

2-1. Clyde J. WILLAMS.
    Clyde married Ann TOCKSTEIN 12 Oct 1935, Alma, Illinois.
    Clyde was in the wholesale butter and eggs business in Chicago for 35 years.
    They lived in Glen Ellen, Illinois from 1955

    Children of Clyde and Ann (TOCKSTEIN) WILLIAMS:

    2-1-1. Edward WILLAMS. Of Glen Ellen, Illinois.

    2-1-2. Alice WILLAMS. Married Mr. O'ROURKE. Live in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

       Children of ___?___ and Alice (WILLIAMS) O'ROURKE:

       2-1-2-1. Catherine O'ROURKE.

       2-1-2-2. Thomas O'ROURKE.

2-2. Chloris WILLAMS, of Mt. Zion, Illinois.

2-3. William WILLAMS, of Champaign, Illinois.

2-4. Alfleta WILLAMS, born 10 Sep 1923, Marion County, Illinois. She lived in Scottsdale, Arizona.
    Alfleta married Ancel ARNOLD 30 Jun 1946. He was born 3 May 1921, Marion County, Illinois, son of Hobart and Eunice (QUAYLE) ARNOLD.
    Ancel was a Methodist minister.

    Children of Ancel and Alfleta (WILLIAMS) ARNOLD:

    2-4-1. Dana ARNOLD, born 4 Ian 1949.

    2-4-2. Katharine ARNOLD, born 26 May 1951. (Twin of Kenneth)

2-4-3. Kenneth ARNOLD, born 26 May 1951. (Twin of Katharine)

2-5. Jean WILLAMS, of Champaign, Illinois.
    Jean married 1st Jim SIPES.
    Jean married 2nd Mr. MINER.

    Son of Jim and Jean (WILLIAMS) SIPES:

    2-5-1. a son SIPES.

2-6. Betty WILLAMS, of Champaign, Illinois.
    Betty married Wally LIDSTER 18 Jan 1953, Milligeville, Ohio, by Rev. Ancel Arnold (See 3-2-4 this chapter). They live in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Children of Wally and Betty (WILLIAMS) LIDSTER:

    2-6-1. Timothy "Tim" LIDSTER of Chandler, Arizona.

    2-6-2. Edward "Ed" LIDSTER of Fletcher, Vermont.

    2-6-3. Debbie LIDSTER. Married Later. Lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2-7. Gerald "Jack" WILLAMS, born 1910, Illinois. He died 10 Aug 1966, Buckeye, Arizona.
    Jack married Marjorie E. HARRIS. She was born 24 Dec 1909, Marion County, Illinois. Daughter of James R. and Minnie (Nelson) HARRIS. She died Saturday, 17 Feb 1990, Tucson, Arizona. He is buried in Alma, Illinois.

    Children of Gerald and Marjorie E. (HARRIS) WILLIAMS:

    2-7-1. James WILLIAMS. Lives in Livermore, California.

    2-7-2. Beverly WILLAMS. Married Mr. BOWERS. Lives in Tucson, Arizona.

2-8. Claude A. "Tub" WILLIAMS, born 22 May 1912, Alma, Illinois. He died Sunday, 3 Dec 1989, Salem, Illinois.
    Tub married Nellie F. CHANDLER 26 Feb 1934 (sister of Doretha (CHANDLER) SULLENS. (See Chapter 17 for Doretha's Family) Nellie was born 31 Aug 1917. He is buried in Alma Cemetery.
    Tub was a machinist for Stanford Engineering in Salem. He was a member of Alma Christian Church and a member of the Kinmundy Masonic Lodge.

    Children of Claude A. and Nellie F. (CHANDLER) WILLIAMS:

    2-8-1. Claude Burdett WILLAMS, of Salem, Illinois. Married Gladys BRIMBERRY.

    2-8-2. Charles L. WILLAMS, born 28 Aug 1937. He died 5 Sep 1978, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois.
    Charles married Doris BOBETT.
    Charles was the operator of the Salem Sewage Plant.

       Children of Charles L. and Doris (BOBETT) WILLIAMS:

       2-8-2-1. Brent WILLAMS.

       2-8-2-2. Andrew "Andy" WILLAMS.

       2-8-2-3. Jon WILLAMS.

       2-8-2-4. Connie WILLAMS, married Mr. ALBERT of Salem. (Connie is twin of Carol.)

       2-8-2-5. Carol WILLAMS, married Mr. TATE of Salem. (Carol is twin of Connie.)

       2-8-2-6. Debbie WILLAMS, married Mr. MANN of Centralia.

       2-8-2-7. Theresa WILLAMS of Patoka.

       2-8-2-8. Thelma WILLAMS.

       2-8-2-9. Donna WILLIAMS.

       2-8-2-10. Kim WILLAMS.

    2-8-3. Larry E. WILLAMS, of Centralia.
    Larry married Patricia “Pat” OLDEN.

       Children of Larry E. and Patricia (OLDEN) WILLIAMS:

       2-8-3-? Brad WILLAMS.

       2-8-3-? _____ WILLAMS

       2-8-3-? _____ WILLAMS

       2-8-3-? _____ WILLAMS

    2-8-4. Janet WILLAMS.
    Janet married 1st Mr. REDENBO.
    Janet married 2nd Mr. DOUDERA of Alma.

       Sons of ___?___ and Janet (WILLIAMS) RENDENBO:

       2-8-4-1. Richard RENDENBO.

       2-8-4-2. Randy RENDENBO.

       Son of ___?___ and Janet (WILLIAMS) DOUDERA:

       2-8-4-3. a son DOUDERA.

3. Rose WILLAMS, born 1891, Marion County, Illinois. She died 1968.
    Rose married Ira Younger "Peck" CALDWELL 13 Mar 1910, Marion County, Illinois. She was 18 and he was 19 at time of marriage. He was born 1890, son of Scott and Elizabeth CALDWELL. Peck died 1961. They are buried in Martin Cemetery.

Children of Ira Younger and Rose (WILLIAMS) CALDWELL:

3-1. Hazel CALDWELL, born 1912/13, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.
    Hazel married Argie HOWARD 26 Nov 1929, Marion County, Illinois. She was 17 and he was 26 at time of marriage. He was born 1902/03.
    They lived in Oblong, Illinois.

3-2. Helen Pauline CALDWELL, born 24 Dec 1913, Alma, Marion County, Illinois. She died Friday, 5 Apr 1996, St. Mary's Hospital, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois. She is buried in the Alma Cemetery.
    Helen married 1st Alf DONOHO.
    Helen married 2nd James R. “Bill” HEADLEY.
    Helen married 3rd Kenneth "Kenny" PEDICORD 21 Nov 1961. Kenny was born 25 Ian 1924. He died 3 Nov 1995.
    Kenny served in the United States Army during World War 2.
    Member of Givens Chapel Church.
    (When Helen Pauline died she had 37 grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren.)

    Children of Alf and Helen Pauline (CALDWELL) DONOHO:

    3-2-1. Loren DONOHO.
    Loren married Lola Marie DONOHO.
    Loren was a veteran and served in the United States Military during the Korean War. He was a member of the Salem American Legion.
    Loren was Dietetic Supervisor of Scott Air Force Base Hospital Dining Hall for 35 years.
    They owned and ran the Starlite Restaurant in Salem on Hwy 50 West, near Texas Corner (Selmaville Road). They sold the restaurant and is now called 5 Brothers Restaurant in 2005. In 2008, the Starlite was torn down and a new restaurant was built just behind where the orginal was. It is named Five Brothers.
    At Loren's death, he had 17 grandchildren and two great grandsons.

       Children of Loren and Lola (DONOHO) DONOHO:

       3-2-1-1. Vicki DONOHO,
    Vicki married Edward "Ed" ROYAL.
    They lived in Des Moines, Iowa.
    In 2006, Vicki and Ed lived in Tennessee.

            Children of Edward and Vicki (DONOHO) ROYAL:

            3-2-1-1-1. Tyler ROYAL.

            3-2-1-1-2. Dylon ROYAL.

    3-2-1-2. Theresa Ann "Terri" DONOHO, born 8 Feb 1954.
    Terri married 1st Carl Alan BARNHART. He was born 28 Jul 1952.
    Terri married 2nd Ron JACKSON.

        Children of Carl Alan and Theresa Ann (DONOHO) BARNHART:

        3-2-1-2-1. Carl Alan BARNHART, Jr., born 30 Aug 1974, Salem, Illinois. He served in the United States Marines, entering service in October 1992. He was best friends of Nathan COURTRIGHT (See Chapter 15, #3-6-1-1).

        3-2-1-2-2. Jeffrey Eugene BARNHART, born 28 Mar 1979, Salem, Illinois.

        3-2-1-2-3. Adrian Nicole JACKSON, born 19 Apr 1985, Lake Ozarks, Missouri.

3-2-1-3. Cheri DONOHO.
    Cheri marriedMichael TAYLOR.
    They live in Dallas Texas.

3-2-1-3-1. Lauren TAYLOR.

3-2-1-3-2. Michelle TAYLOR.

3-2-1-3-3. Creed TAYLOR.

3-2-1-4. Don DONOHO. Lives in Centralia, Illinois.

3-2-1-5. Steve DONOHO. Lives in Salem, Illinois.

3-2-1-5-1. a daughter DONOHO.

3-2-1-6. Tina DONOHO. Married Michael GUYETTE. Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

3-2-1-7. Lisa DONOHO. Lives in Dallas, Texas.

3-2-1-8. Leslie DONOHO. Married William YOUNG. They live in Dallas, Texas.

    3-2-2. Lila DONOHO. (Twin of Delila)
    Lila married Chet LEWIS of Salem.

    3-2-3. Delila DONOHO. (Twin of Lila)
    Delila married Charles HAYS of Louisiana.

    3-2-4. Patsy DONOHO.
    Patsy married Vernon ROTEMEYER of Alma.

    3-2-5. Alice Rose DONOHO.
    Alice married Don BRINGLE. Lived in St. Charles, Illinois, then Salem, Illinois.

    Daughter of James R. and Helen Pauline (CALDWELL) HEADLEY:

    3-2-6. Janice Hope "Jan" HEADLEY, born 27 Jul 1947, Alma, Marion County, Illinois. She died 31 Dec 2003, Marion County, Illinois. Burial was at Martin Cemetery, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.
    Jan married Basil SULLENS 28 Mar 1964, Kinmundy, Marion County, Illinois. Son of Russell SULLENS. (See Chapter 14, #4-1-1) They had four children.

       Children of Basil and Janice Hope (HEADLEY) SULLENS:

       3-2-6-1. David Allen SULLENS,
    David lived in Alma, Illinois.

       3-2-6-2. Daren Ray SULLENS,
    Daren lived in Odin.
    Darren married Jennifer PAYNE.

            Children of Daren Ray and Jennifer (PAYNE) SULLENS:

            3-2-6-2-1. Dawson Payne SULLENS, born 20 Sep 2000.

            3-2-6-2-2. Delaney Hope SULLENS, born 27 Jul 2005.

        3-2-6-3. Brad Stephen SULLENS, born 4 Jun 1978.
    Brad lived of Alma, Illinois.

                Children of Brad Stephen SULLENS:

                3-2-6-3-1. Noah YOUNKER.

                3-2-6-3-2. Breanna SULLENS.

    3-2-7. Billy Joe "Bill" HEADLEY, born 14 Dec 1944, son of James R. and Helen Pauline (CALDWELL) (DONOHO) HEADLEY.
    Bill married Sandy S BOEHME. She was originally from Topeka, Kansas.
    Lived in Elburn, Illinois, then Alma, Illinois.
    In 2006, Billy Joe and Sandy lived in Alma, Marion County, Illinois.

        Children of Billy Joe and Sandy S. (BOEHME) HEADLEY:

        3-2-7-1. Billi Jo "Jodi" HEADLEY, born 5 Jan 1971, daughter of Billy Joe and Sandy S. (BOEHME) HEADLEY.
    In 2006, Jodi lives in Alam, Marion County, Illinois.

            Daughter of Billi Jo HEADLEY:

            3-2-7-1-1. Sierra R. SANDERS, born Apr 1998.

        3-2-7-2. Andrea Sue "Andi" HEADLEY, born 8 Dec 1977, daughter of Billy Joe and Sandy S. (BOEHME) HEADLEY.
    Andi married Aaron WILLIAMS.

In 2006, they live in Elburn, Illinois.

            Daughter of Aaron and Andrea Sue (HEADLEY) WILLIAMS:

            3-2-7-2-1. Hope C. WILLIAMS, born Jul 2005.

        3-2-7-3. James Aaron HEADLEY, born 1 Dec 1980, son of Billy Joe and Sandy S. (BOEHME) HEADLEY.
    In 2006, James is living in Birmingham, Alabama.

    3-2-8. James "Jim" HEADLEY. Son of James R. and Helen Pauline (CALDWELL) (DONOHO) HEADLEY.
    James married Beatrice "Bea" ___?___ .
    They lived in (Thornville) Columbus, Ohio.
    In 2006, Jim and Bea lived in Ohio.

3-3. Emogene Faye CALDWELL, born 5 Apr 1915, Patoka, Marion County, Illinois. She died 10 Jun 1989.
    Emogene married Loren Omer ALBERT 25 Nov 1931. He was born 21 Oct 1912, Marion County, Illinois, son of Emmitt Elmer and Martha Jane "Jenny" (McWHIRTER) ALBERT Loren died 15 Feb 1991. They are buried in Martin Cemetery, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. (See Chapter 9,2-4)
    In 1977, Loren retired from Glenn Lumber Company in Salem when he was 65 years of age. He was lumber yard manager.
    Emogene was an upholsterer, having her own business. She enjoyed quilting.
    Emogene and Loren also enjoyed restoring old furniture and then selling them.
    Emogene and Loren always lived in the Salem area of Marion County, Illinois.

    Daughter of Loren Omer and Emogene Faye (CALDWELL) ALBERT:

    3-3-1. Wanda Lee ALBERT, born 21 Apr 1933.
    Wanda married Joe Martin DAVIS 19 Sep 1953. He was born 7 Jun 1929, Marion County, Illinois, near Centralia, the son of Roy Dar and Ethel May (DONAHOO) DAVIS.
    On 4 May 1933, the Kinmundy Express has, "East Zion: Mr. and Mrs. Loren ALBERT have a baby girl."
    After Wanda and Joe married, they moved to Centralia, Marion County, Illinois.
    On 23 Jul 1946, Joe enlisted into the United States Military.
    Joe served in the United States Army, 240th Construction Engineers I Corp in South Pacific and Japan.
    On 7 Nov 1947, Joe was honorably discharged from the United States Military. On the same date he re-enlisted into the Army Tank Corps and served in Europe for 4 years. He was also with the 18th Infantry Regt 1st Inf. Div. as a boxer. He had 110 fights, losing only 10.
    On 16 Mar 1954, Joe re-enlisted in the United States Air Force. He served 17 years with the Tac Fighter Units in the Philippines, in England and several bases in the United States. His final tour of duty was in Vietnam 1968-1969 with the 31st Tac F.T.R. WG. Unit. He received 2 battle stars. The New York and New Mexico Air guard units were called up and served with the 31st at Tuy Hoa, Vietnam.
    On 1 Jan 1971, Joe retired as a Major Sgt.
    After Joe retired from the military, he worked at the Centralia Post Office, Wesner's Pest Control in Centralia and World Color Press in Salem. He had his own business, "Sunburst" a landscape and pest control for about 10 years.
    Wanda was a cosmetologist and had her own hair dressing salon for several years.
    Because of Joe's Air Force career, the family was able to travel and live in different states and countries. They lived in Denver, Colorado; Clovis, New Mexico; Henderson, Nevada; Waco, Texas; and Lakenheath, England for 3 years and 4 months; and back to the state, Phoenix, Arizona.
    In 1968, they moved back to Salem, Illinois.
    In 2008, Wanda and Joe live in Salem, Marion County, Illinois.

       Children of Joe Martin and Wanda Lee (ALBERT) DAVIS:

       33-3-1-1. Steven Arthur DAVIS, born 8 May 1954, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.

       33-3-1-2. Johnney Russell DAVIS, still born 1 Feb 1955, Clovis, Curry County, New Mexico.

       3-3-1-3. Michael Lee DAVIS, still born 20 May 1956, Clovis, Curry County, New Mexico.

       3-3-1-4. Kathy Jo DAVIS, born 2 Apr 1957, Clovis, Curry County, New Mexico.
    Kathy married Steven William FELGENHAUER 2 Feb 1979, Salem, Illinois. Steve was born 31 Jul 1959, Greenfield, Indiana.

           Son of Steven William and Kathy Jo (DAVIS) FELGENHAUER:

           3-3-1-4-1. Steven Joseph FELGENHAUER, born 22 Apr 1980, Salem, Illinois.
    Steven is a Corporal for the United States Marine Corp, serving in the War with Iraq in 2003. VMGR-452, 3rd MAW.

       3-3-1-5. Daria Sue DAVIS, born 18 Sep 1958, Henderson, Clark County, Nevada. Daria married Marco Antonio MARTINEZ. Marco was born 4 Jan 1959, Santa Ana, El Salvador, son of Victor Manuel and Maria Scorro (SAGASTUME) MARTINEZ.
    Both Daria and Marco served in the United States Air Force.

           Sons of Marco Antonio and Daria Sue (DAVIS) MARTINEZ:

           3-3-1-5-1. Marco Antonio "Tony" MARTINEZ, II, born 22 Mar 1979, Abilene, Texas.

           3-3-1-5-2. Matthew Eric MARTINEZ, born 29 Nov 1981, Victorville, California.

           3-3-1-5-3. Jonathan Gabriel MARTINEZ, born 17 Aug 1987, Lancaster, California.

    3-3-2. Barbara Jean ALBERT, born 30 Apr 1939.
    Barbara married Murl Kenneth "Ken" HOFFMAN 1957, Clovis, New Mexico.
    Ken served in the United States Air Force for 23 years.
    The live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. They raise thoroughbred horses. They had seven children. Two died in infancy.

        Children of Murl Kenneth and Barbara Jean (ALBERT) HOFFMAN:

        3-3-2-1. Tamara Jeanne HOFFMAN, born 1959.
    Tamara married Antonio QUAST, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

            Children of Antonio and Tamara Jeanne (HOFFMFAN) QUAST:

            3-3-2-1-1. Jason Lee QUAST.

            3-3-2-1-2. Sarah Jean QUAST.

            3-3-2-1-3. Jessica Renee QUAST.

        3-3-2-2. Lisa Mary HOFFMAN, born 1961.
    Lisa married Scott LODDELL 1985.
    She had four children. Three died in infancy.

            Daughter of Scott and Lisa Mary (HOFFMAN) LODDELL:

            3-3-2-2-1. Rachael Mia LODDELL.

        3-3-2-3. Alana Denyse HOFFMAN, born 1964.

Alana married Jim SIMON of Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Jim and his sons live in Postfalls, Idaho.

            Sons of Jim and Alana Denyse (HOFFMAN) SIMON:

            3-3-2-3-1. Nathan Rey SIMON.

            3-3-2-3-2. Travis James SIMON.

        3-3-2-4. Dionne Marie HOFFMAN, born 1966. The father of her three children is David LINDSTROM. One child died in infancy.

            Children of Dionne Marie HOFFMAN and David LINDSTROM:

            3-3-2-4-1. Mallory Lauren LINDSTROM.

            3-3-2-5-2. Kenneth Tyler LINDSTROM.

        3-3-2-5. Daren Tirasan HOFFMAN, born 1972, Thailand.
    In 1991, Daren joined the United States Air Force.

    3-3-3. Martha Rose ALBERT, born 11 Nov 1941. Lives in Salem, Illinois.

    3-3-4. Archie Raymond ALBERT, born 22 Jan 1943. Lives in Moweaqua, Illinois.

    3-3-5. Kenneth Loren ALBERT, born 30 Jan 1949. Lives in Salem, Illinois.

    3-3-6. Dale Keith ALBERT, born 30 Jan 1949. Lives in Salem, Illinois.

    3-3-7. Larry Dennis ALBERT, born 15 Apr 1950. Lives in Salem, Illinois.

    3-3-8. Roger Lynn ALBERT, born 3 Iu11955. Lives in Salem, Illinois.

    3-3-9. Mary Sue ALBERT, born 4 Iu11960, Salem, Illinois.
    Mary Sue married Charles Clifton BALLARD, Jr. 4 Dec 1979, Rison, Arkansas.
    They live in Salem, Marion County, Illinois.

        Sons of Charles Clifton and Mary Sue (ALBERT) BALLARD, Jr.:

        3-3-9-1. Eric Clifton BALLARD, born 21 May 1979, Centralia, Illinois.

        3-3-9-2. Joshua Andrew BALLARD, born 12 Jun 1987, Centralia, Illinois.

        3-3-9-3. Michael Loren BALLARD, born 30 Sep, Centralia, Illinois.

3-4. Archie "Bud" CALDWELL, born 9 Sep 1916. He died 4 Oct 1994. He id buried in Martin Cemetery.
    Bud married Delila McWHIRTER 25 Jun 1938 (See Chapter 14, #3-1).
    They live in Alma, Marion County, Illinois.

4. Carrie Williams, born 1894.
    Carrie married Rufus STEPHENS 19 Jun 1910. She was 16 and he was 20 when they married.
    The order of birth of their children is not known by me, so I am just assigning numbers so not to be too confusing.

4-1. Freda STEPHENS, born 1911/12, Patoka, Marion County, Illinois.
    Freda married ___?___ TYLER.
    Freda was living in Minier, Illinois.

4-2. Ruth STEPHENS, born 1912/13, Patoka, Marion County, Illinois.
    Ruth married Don MURFIN.
    Lives in Vernon, Marion County, Illinois.

    Son of Don and Ruth (STEPHENS) MURFIN:

    4-2-1. Donald MURFIN. He is a MD.

        Son of Dr. Donald MURFIN, M.D.:

        4-2-1-1. Donald MURFIN.
    Donald is also a Medical Doctor (MD).

4-3. Rufus Jonathan STEPHENS, born 1915/16, Patoka, Marion County, Illinois.
    Rufus married Vera Mae ADAMS, daughter of Fielding E. and Ruth ADAMS (See Chapter Two, 3-3 of Adams Genealogy.)

4-4. Juanita R. STEPHENS. She was born 19 Oct 1917, Patoka Township, Marion County, Illinois. She died Friday, 22 Apr 1994, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois. Burial was at Paradise Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    Juanita married Adolph C. MEYER 22 Jun 1937, Greenville, Illinois. Adolph died 25 Feb 1988.
    They lived in Flora and in Salem before moving to Patoka in 1986.
    She was a member of the Salem Lutheran Church and the Salem Women's Club.

    Son of Adolph C. and Juanita R. (STEPHENS) MEYER:

    4-4-1. Steve MEYER.
    He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

        Daughter of Steve MEYER:

        4-4-1-1. Amy MEYER.

    4-4-2. Barbara MEYER.
    Barbara married James D. SOMERS.
    She lives in Salem, Illinois.

        Daughter of James D. and Barbara (MEYER) SOMERS:

        4-4-2-1. Anna SOMERS.
    Anna married Mr. Hanson.

4-5. Lois STEPHENS, born Jan 1920, Patoka, Marion County, Illinois.
    Lois married Mr. WILLAMS.
    Lois lived in Peoria, Illinois. She retired to Patoka where she bought the old school house and turned it into the School House Gift Shoppe and Tea Room. It was very nice. She also built a new house in Patoka. She had children.

4-6. James STEPHENS.

    Children of James STEPHENS:

    3-4-6-1. Anita STEPHENS.
    Anita married Mr. QUICK.

They have children. Anita is a writer.

    4-6-2. Anne Marie STEPHENS, born 1956.
    Anne married 1st Michael Dayne BASSETT (See Chapter 15, #7-1-1). They divorced.

    4-6-3. Larry STEPHENS.
    Larry married a Korean girl. They have children.

4-7. A. J. "Bud" STEPHENS.
    Bud married Helen RHUBEN.
    Bud had a barbershop in Foster Township on Garrett Road, near Sandy Branch Road. (They have a granddaughter named Jennifer.)
    They had three sons.

    Sons of A. J. and Helen (RHUBEN) STEPHENS:

    4-7-1. Thomas “Tom” STEPHENS.
    Tom married Betty ____?____.

    4-7-2. John STEPHENS.
    John married Phyllis _____?____.

    4-7-3. son STEPHENS.

4-8. William "Bill" STEPHENS.
    Bill lives in Richmond, Virginia.

5. Florence WILLAMS, born 1897. She died 12 Jun 1984 at the age of 86, in St. John's Hospital, Springfield, Illinois.
    Florence married 1st Emery B. WRIGHT 19 Mar 1916, Marion County, Illinois. She was 19 and he was 19 when they married. He was born 2 Aug 1897. He died 30 Sep 1960. He is buried in Martin Cemetery.
    Florence married 2nd Joseph MAZANEK, who died in 1980.
    Joseph was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church.

Children of Emery B. and Florence (WILLIAMS) WRIGHT:

5-1. Paul WRIGHT.
    Paul lives in Wappapello, Missouri.

5-2. Dale WRIGHT.
    Dale married Frances KLINE.

5-3. Kenneth WRIGHT.

Kenneth lives in Springfield, Illinois.

5-4. Ruth WRIGHT.
    Ruth married 1st Mr. GIBSON. (See Chapter 7, #10)
    Ruth married 2nd Mr. BASIC.
    Ruth was a nurse and lived in the Chicago area.

5-5. William WRIGHT.

6. Arthur WILLAMS, born 1900/01, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.

7. Marshall WILLAMS, born 15 Nov 1903, Alma, Marion County, Illinois. He died 4 Apr 1991, Alma.
    Marshal married 1st Nellie Clara NICHOLS 1926. She was born 23 Sep 1904, daughter of Jonathan Robert and Betty (MORGAN) NICHOLS. Jonathan was the son of Jasper B. and Sarah J. (GREEN) NICHOLS. Nellie died 19 Oct 1971.
    Marshall married 2nd Catherine MAULDING 1980. She was born 14 May 1904, Marion County, Illinois, daughter of Charles and Emma (GREY) MAULDING. She died Sunday, 11 May 1997, Aviston, Illinois. She had three daughters by a previous marriage.
    Marshall worked for the State of Illinois. He was a 32nd Mason, Shriner and Scottish Rites. He made his home in Alma, where they reared his four children.
    Marshall and Nellie are buried in Alma Cemetery.

Children of Marshall and Nellie Clara (NICHOLS) WILLIAMS:

7-1. Jimmy WILLAMS. He married Joyce McHATTON. They live in Kinmundy, Marion County, Illinois. He was an Illinois State Policeman. He is presently on the Marion County Board (2003). (See news clipping below.) They have two children. .

    Children of Jimmy and Joyce (McHATTON) WILLIAMS:

    7-1-1. Kathy WILLAMS, born 1957. She married.

        Son of ___?___ and Kathy (WILLIAMS)___?___ :

        7-1-1-1. a son.

    7-1-2. Kevin WILLAMS, born 1962.
    Kevin married 1st ___?___ and had a daughter.
    Kevin married 2nd Shelly (NEILSON) ____?____, daughter of Kenny NEILSON. Also her second marriage.

        7-1-2-1. a daughter WILLAMS.

7-2. Leah WILLAMS.
    Leah married Carl VALLOW.
    They live in Chambers, Pennsylvania.

7-3. Gloria WILLAMS.
    Gloria married first Dale CHASTEEN.
    Gloria married 2nd Dale WELKER.
    Gloria lives in Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    Gloria was a telephone operator and later she worked for the Salem Post Office.

    Son of Dale and Gloria (WILLIAMS) CHASTEEN:

    7-3-1. Jerry CHASTEEN.
    Jerry married Connie GESELL.
    They live in Kinmundy.

        Children of Jerry and Connie (GESELL) CHASTEEN:

        7-3-1-1. Stephanie CHASTEEN.

        7-3-1-2. Jeremy CHASTEEN.

        7-3-1-3. Matthew CHASTEEN.

7-4. Sue WILLAMS.
    Sue married Ronald Eugene SWIFT. He was born 6 Oct 1937, son of Russell and Iris (JACKSON) SWIFT.
    Ron is an auctioneer. He also served as mayor of Alma.
    They live in Alma.

    Children of Ronald Eugene and Sue (WILLIAMS) SWIFT:

    7-4-1. Marsha SWIFT.

    7-4-2. Ronda Sue SWIFT, born 1957.
    Ronda married Randy YATES 15 Mar 1980, Alma Christian Church, Alma, Marion County, Illinois. He is the son of Lowell YATES of Farina, Illinois.
    Rhonda was elected Marion County Circuit Clerk in 2001. She was the first woman to hold the position. She had worked for the Circuit Clerk's office for 23 years before being elected. (See news clipping below.)
    Ronda is a member of the Kinmundy Christian Church and of the Kinmundy Chapter of the Easter Star.

        Daughter of Randy and Ronda Sue (SWIFT) YATES:

        7-4-2-1. Bethany YATES.

    7-4-3. Russell SWIFT, born 1962.

    7-4-4. Tom SWIFT. He married Gloria BAYLIS, daughter of Larry and Rosetta BAYLIS of Kinmundy.

        Daughter of Larry and Rosetta (BAYLIS) SWIFT:

        7-4-4-1. Elizabeth Ann SWIFT, born Sunday, 3 Dec 1995, Good Samaritan Hospital, Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois.

8. Floyd Pat WILLAMS, born 1906, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He died 28 May 1985, Salem, Marion County, Illinois. He is buried in Alma Cemetery.
    Floyd married Ava Ellen MATTHEWS 2 Dec 1932. She was born 25 Aug 1909, Creal Springs, Illinois, daughter of S. A. and Daisy (PETERSON) MATTHEWS. She died Thursday, Sep 1987, Beckemeyer, Clinton County, Illinois. She is buried in Alma Cemetery.
    They were members of the Alma United Methodist Church. Ava was a member of the Eastern Star. She was a schoolteacher. Pat was a member of the Masonic Hall.

Adopted Son of Floyd Pat and Ava Ellen (MATTHEWS) WILLIAMS:

8-1. Stephen A. WILLAMS. He was adopted.
    He lives in Beckemeyer, Clinton County, Illinois.
    He is married and has five children.

9. Gertrude WILLAMS , born 9 Jun 1910, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. She died 6 Ju11956.
    Gertrude married Denzil B. GAMMON. He was born 20 Nov 1908.

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***United States Federal Census Records (Note: I type the census information as it is, mistakes included.)
***Marriage Records of Illinois.
***Birth Records of Illinois.
***Death Records of Illinois.
***Land Records of Illinois.
***Church Records
***Court Records of Wilson County, Tennessee.
***Cemetery Records and Grave Stones.




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