by Harry Young


Grover Washington, Jr.
Where Is The Love (Part I)
RVG 522 /
Where Is The Love (Part II)
RVG 523
CB rvw December 23, 1972

SA 300
B. C. & M. Choir
Hello Sunshine (2:27)
RVG 524 /
I've Got A Testimony (2:18)
RVG 525
In Wax:
CB rvw January 13, 1973
C 5189

Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)
© Three Brothers Music, Inc / ASCAP
RVG 526 /
Spirit of Summer
RVG 527
CB rvw February 3, 1973

Eric Gale
Killing Me Softly With His Song
RVG 528 /
RVG 529

Hubert Laws
Amazing Grace (Part I)
RVG 530 /
Amazing Grace (Part II)
RVG 531
CB rvw March 17, 1973

RVG 532 ?

RVG 533 ?

Johnny Hammond
Thunder & Lightning (Part I)
RVG 534 /
Thunder & Lightning (Part II)
RVG 535

Esther Phillips
Use Me
RVG 536 /
Let Me In Your Life
RVG 537

RVG 538 ?

THB 400
Wilma Lee And Stoney
RVG 539
(Ralph Y. Landis)
© April 2, 1973 /
Blue Canadian Rocky Dream
RVG 540 (4:20)
(Tony Romeo)
© October 24, 1972
BB mention July 14, 1973

DJ THB 400
White label
Blue Canadian Rocky Dream (4:20) /
Blue Canadian Rocky Dream (4:20)
In Wax:
RVG 540-1 /
RVG 540
DJ 45s stamped April 23 and May 26, 1973
BB rvw May 26, 1973

Gabor Szabo
It's Going To Take Some Time (4:15) /
It's Going To Take Some Time (4:15)
B/S RVG 541
CB rvw May 19, 1973

Parana (3:30)
RVG 542 /
Merry-Go-Round (2:40)
RVG 543
In Wax:
RVG 542-1 /
RVG 543-2
CB rvw July 21, 1973
BB rvw July 28, 1973

DJ THB 400
Gray label
Blue Canadian Rocky Dream
RVG 543 (3:16 Edited Version) /
Blue Canadian Rocky Dream
RVG 540 (4:20)
In Wax:
RVG 543-1 /
RVG 540-1

THB 401
Cassandra Morgan
Isn't It Hard To Tell The Truth
(Cassandra Morgan-Tony Romeo)
© July 23, 1973
RVG 544

DJ THB 401
Gray Label
Cassandra Morgan
Isn't It Hard To Tell The Truth
RVG 544 (3:45) /
Isn't It Hard To Tell The Truth
RVG 546 (3:20 edit)
In Wax:
RVG 544 THB 401 #1 /
RVG 546 THB 401 #2
BB rvw July 28, 1973

RVG 545 is probably a cut from the
Unreleased Cassandra Morgan
Three Brothers
Isn't It Hard To Tell The Truth
(Cassandra Morgan-Tony Romeo)
© Wherefore July 23, 1973
No Better Way
(Cassandra Morgan)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392189
Hit Song
(Cassandra Morgan)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392190
River Song
(Cassandra Morgan)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392191
Storm King Mountain
(Cassandra Morgan-Madison P. Mason)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392192
I Turn to You
(Madison P. Mason)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392193
The Sun And I
(Cassandra Morgan)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392194
Ghost Of A Song
(Cassandra Morgan)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392195
Smart Cookie
(Madison P. Mason)
© Wherefore 13 March 1973 EU392196

Rhapsody In Blue
RVG 547 /
Super Strut
RVG 548
CB rvw July 28, 1973
Ent BB Bubbling under August 11, 1973

Lou Christie Going Country
CB August 18, 1973

Grover Washington, Jr.
Masterpiece (Part I) 3:44
RVG 549 /
Masterpiece (Part II)
RVG 550
CB rvw August 4, 1973
Ent CB R&B August 25, 1973

Tombo In 7/4
RVG 551 /
Fingers (El Rada)
RVG 552

RVG 553 ?

Lou Christie sings
America The Beautiful and Wilma Lee And Stoney
at original Ryman Grand Ole Opry
September 1973, as per THB Bio
BB Oct 27, 1973
CB Oct 27, 1973
CSR May 1974

Christie In Country Mold
On Three Brothers
CB December 1, 1973

THB 402
Beyond The Blue Horizon 3:20
RVG 554 /
Saddle The Wind 3:30
RVG 555
(Tony Romeo) © April 2, 1973
In Wax:
RVG 554-2 /
RVG 555-3
BB ad December 1, 1973
BB rvw December 22, 1973

DJ THB 402
White Label
Beyond The Blue Horizon 3:46 /
Beyond The Blue Horizon 3:46
In Wax:
B/S RVG 554-1 Al Brown

DJ THB 402
Color label
Beyond The Blue Horizon 3:30 /
Beyond The Blue Horizon 3:30
In Wax:
B/S RVG 554-2 Al Brown

Deodato / Airto
Do It Again
RVG 556

RVG 557 ?

Esther Phillips
RVG 558 /
Too Many Roads
RVG 559
BB rvw April 27, 1974

Ron Carter
117 Special (Part 1)
RVG 560 /
117 Special (Part 2)
RVG 561

Joe Farrell
Penny Arcade
RVG 562

RVG 563 ?

OJ-18 (B)
Deodato / Airto
Branches (O Galho Da Roseira)
RVG 564

RVG 565 ?

RVG 566 ?

Hubert Laws
Come Ye Disconsolate (2:26)
RVG 567 /
Mene Lene
RVG 568
CB rvw May 11, 1974

Idris Muhammad
Power Of Soul
RVG 569 /
Loran’s Dance
RVG 570

Hank Crawford
RVG 571 /
Mr. Blues
RVG 572

RVG 573 ?

RVG 574 ?

Lou Christie on
The Midnight Special
NBC-TV May 17, 1974

THB 403
Good Mornin’ / Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah
RVG 575 (3:15)
(Tony Romeo)
© April 25, 1974 /
You Were The One
RVG 576 (2:46)
(Tony Romeo)
© October 6, 1971
CB rvw June 1, 1974

DJ THB 403
Color label
Good Mornin’ Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah /
Good Mornin’ Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah
B/S RVG 575

Esther Phillips
Such A Night
RVG 577 /
Can’t Trust Your Neighbor With Your Baby
RVG 578
BB rvw June 22, 1974

Bob James
In The Garden
RVG 579 /
RVG 580

LP SAL 701
Virgin Land
RVG 65432
BB rvw May 25, 1974

LP THB 2000
RVG 65433
BB & CB rvws June 22, 1974

DJ LP THB 2000
Color Label

THC 2000

TH8 2000
8 Track Stereo
Tape Cartridge:
different song sequence

LP SAL 702
Johnny Hammond
Gambler's Life
RVG 65434

Motown To Distribute CTI / KUDU
CB July 13, 1974

CTI / KUDU Explodes On The Scene
With Motown’s Massive Marketing Machine
CB August 24, 1974

Bob James
RVG 580

Bob James
Night On Bald Mountain
RVG 581

RVG 582 ?

RVG 583 ?

Bob James
Feel Like Making Love
RVG 584 (3:09) /
Feel Like Making Love
RVG 585 (6:40)
ent CB R&B October 19, 1974

THB 404-F
The Clams:
Close To You
RVG 586 (2:30) /
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
RVG 587 (2:42)
Produced by Tony Levin

DJ THB 404-F
Color label
The Clams:
Close To You /
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
DJ copies stamped October 1, 1974

THB 405-F
Hey You Cajun
RVG 588 2:29
(Lou Christie-Twyla)
© August 1, 1973 /
RVG 589 (2:25)
(Tony Romeo) © April 2, 1973
RW rvw Dec 21, 1974
CB rvw Dec 28, 1974

DJ THB 405-F
Color label
Hey You Cajun /
Hey You Cajun
B/S RVG 588

Esther Phillips
Disposable Society (3:32)
RVG 590 /
Doing Our Thing
RVG 591

Hank Crawford
Sho Is Funky
RVG 592 /
Groove Junction
RVG 593

Esther Phillips
Disposable Society
RVG 594

Little Bit Of God
(Lou Christie-Twyla)
on THB LP Test Pressing

Wheel Of Fortune
(Bennie Benjamin-George Weiss)
on THB LP Test Pressing

There’ll Never Be
(A We Like You And Me)
(Tony Romeo)
© February 19, 1975

Parnaso 283
Mack The Knife /
Beyond The Blue Horizon
Picture sleeve:
Las Siete Lunas de Crandall

CTI CTS 4002
Beyond The Blue Horizon /
Hey You Cajun
Composers Mis-credited as

Lou Christie

UK 8 Track
Stereo Tape Cartridge:

Omega 36.117
Blue Canadian Rocky Dream /
Wilma Lee And Stoney
Picture sleeve

South Africa:
Gallo 9952
Beyond The Blue Horizon /
Hey You Cajun
Composers Mis-credited as
January 28, 1974

Slipped Disc
Summer Days
© Aug 23, 1971 /
The One And Only Original Sunshine Kid
© June 27, 1975
Test press July 15, 1975
BB rvw August 2, 1975
RW rvw August 9, 1975

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Varese Vintage
November 3, 1998

Doug Payne's
Three Brothers
Page, LPs & 45s

In 1973, somewhere between London, England & Pittsburgh, PA, something changed for Lou Christie.

It was more than his label, from Buddah to Three Brothers,
a newly created division of jazz indie CTI Records.
That may have been part of it.
But there was more.
Much more.

He was back in Pittsburgh after a decade-long odyssey on which he earned five Gold records & lost more than five million dollars.

He saw Pittsburgh with new eyes -- the eyes of his six-month-old daughter, Bianca. Suddenly, the music of his own childhood gave impetus to his next artistic incarnation.

And so rock maverick Lou Christie recorded a series of Country-flavored songs with producer Tony Romeo (d. June 23, 1995). Romeo had penned Lou's international smash "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" & recently directed Richard Harris' influential Slides LP (Dunhill 50133, November 1972).

Lou's first single on Three Brothers, "Blue Canadian Rocky Dream" / "Wilma Lee And Stoney," led to a September 1973 appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.

Lou then recorded a refreshing new arrangement of the 1930 standard "Beyond the Blue Horizon" (Cash Box #72, Billboard Pop #80, RPM Canada #57). It entered Billboard's Easy Listening chart the week ending January 5, 1974 & peaked at #12 the week ending March 30, 1974.

"Beyond The Blue Horizon" re-entered the charts in March 1989 on the Rain Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Capitol 91866, Billboard #31).

It was also heard in the films Dutch (June 1991) & A Home Of Our Own (November 1993), the South Korean MBC-TV drama You And Me (October 1997-May 1998), & promotional spots for cable TV's Travel Channel (1998).

Although NBC-TV failed to broadcast 'Beyond The Blue Horizon,' viewers of the Midnight Special, May 17, 1974, saw a bearded Lou Christie deliver uncompromising renditions of "Lightnin' Strikes" & "The Gypsy Cried."

Lou Christie, the Three Brothers album, was released in June 1974. Showcasing the exquisite "Hey You Cajun," Copyright August 1, 1973 & the serene "Morning Rider," Copyright April 30, 1971, the LP was greeted enthusiastically.

Cash Box: "One of rock's most cherished performers is back with a blockbuster of an album." Record World: "Christie may have had Two Faces previously, but the one shown here possesses a peaceful, country-oriented aura, sure to keep any Gypsy from crying." Rolling Stone: "Christie's tremulously appealing vocals and fine arrangements sustain listener interest and enjoyment."

After the Three Brothers label fell victim to CTI's disastrous Motown distribution, Lou worked with Tony Romeo on Slipped Disc, Lightning Records & Lifesong ("Theme From People" magazine CBS-TV series, September 1978).

Today, Lou Christie performs more than 100 live dates a year. Billboard, People & a host of major market newspapers & radio stations applauded his latest album, Pledging My Love (VSD-5839).

Lou Christie is still searching, still risking & still conquering. Look to the sky; there's more Lightnin' on the horizon.

~ Harry Young,
September 1998

Lou Christie
Beyond The Blue Horizon /
Hey You Cajun

November 3, 1998

1. Saddle The Wind
(Tony Romeo)
RVG 555
Three Brothers single
THB 402 B, December 1973

2. Wilma Lee And Stoney
(Ralph Y. Landis)
RVG 539
Three Brothers single
THB 400 B, April 1973

3. Blue Canadian Rocky Dream
(Tony Romeo)
RVG 540
Three Brothers single
THB 400, April 1973

4. You Were The One
(Tony Romeo)
RVG 576
Three Brothers single
THB 403 B, May 1974

5. Beyond The Blue Horizon
(Leo Robin-Richard A. Whiting-Franke W. Harling)
RVG 554
Three Brothers single
THB 402, December 1973; AC #12; Pop #80

6. Good Mornin' / Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah
(Tony Romeo / Ray Gilbert-Allie Wrubel)
RVG 575
Three Brothers single
THB 403, May 1974

7. Hey You Cajun
(Lou Christie-Twyla)
RVG 588
Three Brothers single
THB 405-F, December 1974

8. Mack The Knife
(Kurt Weill-Eugen Bertolt Brecht-
Marc Blitzstein)

9. Sunbeam
(Tony Romeo)
RVG 589
Three Brothers single
THB 405-F (B), December 1974

10. Morning Rider
(Tony Romeo)
© April 30, 1971

11. Little Bit Of God
(Lou Christie-Twyla)
Previously Unreleased,
Three Brothers 1973

11. Wheel Of Fortune
(Bennie Benjamin-George Weiss)
Previously Unreleased,
Three Brothers 1974

13. There'll Never Be (A We Like You and Me)
(Tony Romeo)
Previously Unreleased,
February 1975

14. Two Little Clouds Passing By
(Tony Romeo)
Previously Unreleased, 1975

Track #s 1-10 originally issued as Lou Christie,
Three Brothers THB / THC / TH8 2000, RVG 65433, June 1974

Track #s 11-14 are bonus cuts

Produced And Arranged by Tony Romeo
Recorded at the Record Plant, NYC
Shelly Yakus and Carmine Rubino,
Engineers and Remix Engineers
Mastered by Tom Rabstenek at the Cutting Room

"They make me feel like an old friend's around again"
~ Wilma Lee And Stoney

Lou Christie: Vocal

Madison Mason: Guitar

Don Thomas: Guitar

Tony Levin: Bass

Walter Yost: Bass, Electr[o]comp

Buddy Saltzman: Drums

Tony Romeo: Keyboards

Paul Prestopine: Banjo, Dobro

Russell George: Fiddle

Larry Packer: Fiddle

Marc Harowitz: Steel Guitar

Eric Weissberg: Steel Guitar

Tony Romeo: Moog

Ralph Landis, Cassandra Morgan,
Frank Romeo: Background Vocals

Former member of THE TROUT Cass(andra) Morgan is an actress, a writer, and a director. Pump Boys and Dinettes, which she co-wrote and starred in on Broadway, was nominated for a Tony Award in 1982. She was most recently seen on Broadway in Beauty and the Beast. Among her many New York credits are Hair, The Human Comedy, Merrily We Roll Along, Inside Out, La Boheme, The Knife, Another Paradise and dozens of workshops and staged readings. Regional favorites include Das Barbecü, Children of Eden, 1776 and Annie Warbucks. Cass has directed Pump Boys around the country, the original production of King Mackerel and the Blues Are Running, and Cowboys Dream. As a member of the Board of Directors at the New Harmony Project she directed Brimstone and The Library, which she’ll direct this spring at Stamford Theater Works. She is currently at work on a theatre piece called True Story which she’ll develop at this years’ New Harmony Project.

Lou Christie
Three Brothers Sources:

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April / May 2002

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Friday December 11, 1998

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March 1999

Hi-Fi News
& Record Review

March 1999

Record Collector
March 1999

Pittsburgh Magazine
March 1999

Country Music Magazine
April / May 2002

Beyond The Blue Horizon
(Varese Sarabande)

The falsetto singer who immortalized such great pop-music moments as "The Gypsy Cried," "Lightin' Strikes," "Two Faces Have I" and "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" always cited country music as one of his boyhood inspirations. In 1974 he finally got around to cutting his only country-flavored LP.

The result was an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry to sing "Wilma Lee And Stoney," the presentation of Christie as a country songwriter with "Hey You Cajun" and a big A / C hit with the ballad "Beyond The Blue Horizon," a track later used prominently on the soundtrack of Rain Man.

These pop-country songs are delicately arranged, impeccably produced and tenderly sung. The album was reissued in 1998 with four previously unreleased tracks.

Originally issued in 1973 on the Three Brothers label as Lou Christie, this is Lou's first dabble into doing something that could get play on a country radio station. The big hit, of course, is the title tune, now a soundtrack mainstay of Rain Man, Dutch, A Home Of Our Own and cable tv's Travel Channel. But Christie's interpretations of Tony Romeo's original material (in addition to producing and arranging everything, eight of the 14 tunes on here are Romeo's, who also wrote "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" for Lou) brings spark to songs like "Saddle The Wind," "Blue Canadian Rocky Dream," 'Sunbeam" and "Morning Rider." In addition to the 10 original album sides, bonus tracks--all previously unreleased--include Christie and long time collaborator Twyla Herbert's "Little Bit Of God," "Wheel Of Fortune," and a pair of tunes written by Romeo, " Two Little Clouds Passing By" and "There'll Never Be (A We Like You And Me)." Another hidden gem in the highly underrated career of Lou Christie.
-- Cub Koda, All-Music Guide

Knoxville News-Sentinel
(Knoxville, TN)

December 11, 1998, Friday

SECTION: Weekend; Pg. T13

BYLINE: Wayne Bledsoe


In 1973, classic rock 'n' roll performer Lou Christie took an odd turn into country music.

Country was not an entirely illogical path for folkier artists such as Bob Dylan and the Byrds, but for a singer of such lusty teenage melodramas as "Lightnin' Strikes" and "Rhapsody in the Rain" it seemed completely crazy.

As it turned out, though, Christie had a natural affinity for the form -- not that his album exactly fit in with the country market.

"Lou Christie" is an odd and striking mix of sweet folksy numbers, bluegrass-tinged foot-stompers and pretty covers of classic pop songs (including "Mack the Knife" and "Wheel of Fortune").

Several tracks, including "Saddle the Wind," "Wilma Lee and Stoney," and Christie's sweet revival of "Beyond the Blue Horizon" rate among his best work.

This reissue of "Lou Christie" contains four previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the sweet "Two Little Clouds Passing By."

Christie remains one of the most unusual, lovable and underappreciated singers to emerge from the '60s. And it's a blessing to have "Lou Christie" available again. Grade: B+

GRAPHIC: Lou Christie

Hi-Fi News
& Record Review

March 1999

Varese Vintage VSD 5947
(47m 02s)

Still more off-the-wall Christie, this time early 1970s material which had a new lease on life because the title track keeps appearing on major soundtracks. Again, this is a case of an artist having a 'hidden' career in his post-hit period. Country-flavoured in a Nesmith-y way, and too good to ignore.
~ Ken Kessler

Record Collector
March 1999

Beyond The Blue Horizon /
Hey You Cajun

US Import:
Varese Vintage VSD 5947 (47:04)

Early 60s teen idol, late 60s pop experimentalist, Lou Christie remade himself the early 70s, cutting this 1974 album of intelligent country-pop. He was no more of a natural born country singer than any of the other Nashville imports of the era, but he brought a mellow perfection to his vocals that not only outstripped the likes of John Denver and Olivia Newton-John, but deserved more success.

Most of the album was composed by its producer, Tony Romeo, best known for his work with David Cassidy and the Partridge Family, but don't expect teenybop anthems. While Romeo's tunes are strictly pleasant, the real keepers come from elsewhere. Christie had obviously been studying his Michael Nesmith records as, like the ex-Monkee, he revived "Beyond The Blue Horizon," while his expert reading of "Wilma Lee And Stoney" has a First National Band feel.

But perhaps the most intriguing track here is one of four previously unissued bonus cuts, "Little Bit Of God," which sounds as if the Beach Boys had decided to follow their "Holland" album with a country record.

Pittsburgh Magazine
March 1999, page 16

Two Albums Have I

Good news for Louheads: two new re-mastered, repackaged re-issues of Lou Christie cuts on compact disc. The Complete Co & Ce / Roulette Recordings (Taragon) contains a number of Christie classics, including "The Gypsy Cried" and "Two Faces Have I," as well as the young Christie tearing up on "Stay," "Tears On My Pillow" and the previously unreleased "Money (That's What I Want)." All were recorded between October 1962 and January 1964 (a month before the Beatles played Ed Sullivan and changed the music world forever), a majority of them here in Pittsburgh. Fans of the early Christie will not be disappointed with this 21 track treasure, although I would recommend that the neophyte Louhead not attemptto listen to the whole CD at once and risk "falsetto overloadus."

Actually, Christie has a beautiful tenor voice that shines on the easygoing collection Beyond The Blue Horizon / Hey You Cajun (Varese Vintage), a country-ish collection of tunes originally released in 1974. These songs, written mostly by producer Tony Romeo, marked a departure for Christie, whose brief foray into country even included anappearance at the Grand Ole Opry. The album made little noise, although "Beyond The Blue Horizon" did reach No. 12 on the Easy Listening charts and later found new life when it was featured in the film Rain Man. This is not a hard-core country album but more along the lines of Kenny Rogers or B.J. Thomas. You can't go wrong with either CD. Advice for theLouhead: Get both.
--Philip Harris

Tony Romeo wrote & recorded MR. HUNKACHUNK for Columbia Records & Go Johnny Go for Lifesong.

Tony Romeo songs have been recorded by Lou Christie (Three Brothers LP, I'm Gonna Make You Mine, Waco, The Best Way To See America, Summer Days, The One & Only Original Sunshine Kid, Theme From People), Sacco (The People Theme), Bubba Davis (Home For A Little While), Richard Harris (Slides LP), Al Martino (Walking In The Sand, One More Mile & Darlin' I'll Be Home), Wayne Newton (Anthem, Walking In The Sand), Alex Chilton (I'm Gonna Make You Mine), The Trout (Trout LP), Andy Williams (I Think I Love You), the Everly Brothers (Milk Train), Brooklyn Bridge (Welcome Me Love, Your Kite, My Kite), Camel Drivers (I'm Gonna Make You Mine), Larry Evoy (I'm Gonna Make You Mine), Changing Scene (Real Good Woman), Cowsills (Indian Lake, Poor Baby, Candy Kid, Path Of Love), Good & Plenty, Jo-El Sonnier (Come On Joe), Girls Next Door (Walk Me In The Rain, You're The Rock You're The Rebel, I Can Hear My Heart Begin To Cry), Jim Ed Brown (Don Junior), Diana Trask (Oh Boy), Brotherhood Of Man (Oh Boy), The Partridge Family (I Think I Love You, It's One Of Those Nights [Yes Love], Point Me In The Direction of Albuquerque, Summer Days, My Christmas Card To You, Together We're Better [composed w/ Ken Jacobson] +), New Christy Minstels (You Are Always On My Mind), Peaches & Herb (I Will Watch Over You, Count On Me), Dr. Wishbone's Revival (Indian Lake / Wishwater), Jerry Vale (Hello & Goodbye), 6 7/8 (Ski-Daddle / Everybody's Got A Home But Me), Paco Barron y Sus Nortenos Clan (I'm Gonna Make You Mine ~ Mia Te Voy A Hacer), Voice of the Beehive (I Think I Love You) & Less Than Jake (I Think I Love You).

Three Brothers photography by
Duane Michals.

Duane Michals also did the cover for
In The Flat Field:

The Clams:
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
(Chesley MacCaull)
RVG 587
Three Brothers single THB 404-F, October 1974
Produced by Tony Levin

The Clams:
Close To You
(B. Bacharach-H. David)
RVG 586
Three Brothers single 404-F (B), October 1974
Produced by Tony Levin

In 1973-74, rock maverick Lou Christie, known for falsetto hits like "Lightnin' Strikes" and "Two Faces Have I," recorded a series of Country-flavored songs for Three Brothers Records, a division of fusion jazz independent CTI.

Lou's intriguing "Beyond The Blue Horizon" soon became a #12 Easy Listening hit. It later surfaced in the films Rain Man, Dutch and A Home Of Our Own,
as well as NBC News Overnight, the South Korean TV drama You And Me and 1998 spots for cable TV's Travel Channel.

Now, due to popular demand, Varese Vintage presents the entire Lou Christie (Three Brothers) album, adding revelatory bonus cuts that clarify the full scope of the original project.

The Lou Christie LP was an artistic and critical success. In June 1974, Cash Box enthused, One of rock's most cherished performers is back with a blockbuster of an album. Record World: Christie may have had Two Faces previously, but the one shown here possesses a peaceful, Country-oriented aura, sure to keep any Gypsy from crying. Rolling Stone: Christie's tremulously appealing vocals and fine arrangements sustain listener interest and enjoyment.

Lou Christie and Twyla Herbert wrote many Country tunes in the mid-1970's, notably Free Beer's "Queen Of The Purple Sage." But due to political considerations, only the exquisite "Hey You Cajun" and the previously unreleased "Little Bit Of God" were recorded for Three Brothers.

Instead, the Lou Christie album included Tony Romeo songs reminiscent of "Waco" and "The Best Way To See America" on
Lou s pivotal Paint America Love LP (Buddah Records, May 1971).

Tony Romeo wrote 'Saddle The Wind,' 'Sunbeam,' and 'Good Mornin'' specifically for the Three Brothers project. The Dixieland jazz 'Blue Canadian Rocky Dream' was drawn from Richard Harris' Slides LP. And Lou's majestic 'Morning Rider' left an earlier Partridge Family version in the dust.

The Lou Christie album sessions also featured powerful new arrangements of 'Mack The Knife' (Moritat Vom Mackie Messer, 1928), 'Beyond The Blue Horizon' (1930), 'Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah' (1947) and the previously unreleased 'Wheel Of Fortune' (1952).

'Wilma Lee And Stoney' reflected the raw Country jamborees Lou heard as a child in Pittsburgh on WWVA, Wheeling, West Virginia. In September 1973, Lou performed 'Wilma Lee And Stoney' and 'America The Beautiful' on the Grand Ole Opry, an event described in Country Song Round-Up magazine.

Lou also appeared on NBC-TV's Midnight Special May 17, 1974.

The previously unreleased 'Two Little Clouds Passing By' was recorded in the June 1975 sessions that yielded the Slipped Disc single 'The One And Only Original Sunshine Kid.' 'Two Little Clouds' is especially touching in light of the untimely death of composer/pianist Tony Romeo (June 23, 1995).

Today, Lou Christie performs more than 100 live dates a year. He is still searching, still recording and still conquering. Look to the sky; there's more Lightnin' on the horizon.

~ Harry Young,
September 1998

If you thought The Bangles were the first to walk like an Egyptian, you'd be wrong by a couple of decades.


RPM CD 330 (55:15)
Released January 28, 2002