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Alabama and Tennessee Cavalry
First Regiment
This regiment was organized as follows:  Companies A, B, C, G, and H at Stevenson and Bridgeport, Alabama, from September 10, 1863, to April 26, 1864; and companies D, E, and F, at Tracey City and Nashville, Tennessee, from December 9, 1863 to February 24, 1864, to serve one year.  It was mustered out of service June 16, 1864, in accordance with orders from the War Department.
    Ephraim Latham
    George F. Allen
    Calvin Brixey
    James H. Shannon
    Henry R. Jordan

    John W. Williams
    John B. Lane
    Phillip M. Radford

    John W. Claiborne
    Thomas Latham
    Allen Lea
    Andrew H. Coggins
    Randolph Myers
    Wesley Earp
    William Lea







September 10, 1863
October 01, 1863
December 09, 1863
February 09, 1864
March 20, 1864

September 10, 1863
December 09, 1863
February 02, 1864

August 27, 1863
September 10, 1863
November 06, 1863
December 09, 1863
January 21, 1864
February 13, 1864
March 20, 1864

Resigned (1)
Captain John M. Phillips...............April 15, 1864

Discharged (1)
Second Lieutenant James A. Hess...............February 10, 1864

Died (3)
Captain Alfred Long...............died of disease...............March 18, 1864
Second Lieutenant James Ellis...............died of disease...............November 05, 1863
Second Lieutenant P. Tipton...............KIA at Tracey City, Tennessee...............January 20, 1864
The Above :                                                                                                                                                                                                
Tennessee in the War, 1861-1865
, pp 164-165, General Marcus J. Wright;  Ambrose Lee Publishing Company, New York, 1908.  [All works published in the United States before 1923 are in the public domain]
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Company A Roster

Ardis, Andrew J.
Ardis, Joseph
Aulford, John            (listed in Co F)
Berry, James M.
Berry, Josiah
Berry, William
Bowman, Isaac V.
Lorenzo George D.
Brandon, Elisha B.
Browining, Isaac O.
Bynam, Thomas W.   (listed in Co. N/A)
Callahan, Giffin
Cardin, James S.
Cardin, John L
Cardin, Leonard
Click, Bibb
Coffee, Andrew Jackson
Coffey, Andrew J.
Davis, Jackson
Denton, William
Evans, David H.
Flanagan, William A.
Flippo, Andrew J.
Fowler, James M.
Fowler, John W.
Frasier, John         
(& Frazier)
Frasier, Jonathan    
(& Frazier)
Frasier, Thomas     
(& Frazier)
Frances M. Gilbraith
Hall, Jonathan
Hall, Thomas
Harper, Andrew
Harper, Robert F.
Hill, Gilbert
Hutchenson, James D.
Hutchenson, John
H. C.     (& Hutchinson)
Hutchenson, Joseph         
(& Hutchinson)
Hutchenson, William
C. H. (& Hutchinson)
Isbell, James
Isbell, Jesse W.
Isbell, John
Isbell, William
Isbell, Zachariah
Jones, John W.
King, Ezekiel P.            
(& Kine)
Kirkpatrick, Daniel
Kirkpartick, Edward J.
Kirkpartick, Hyram
Kirkpartick, Martin
Kirkpartick, Robert
Latham, Ephraim
Latham, James
Latham, John
Latham, Thomas
Latture, Andrew J.
Lusk, John
Lusk, William
Marimon, Abraham B.
McAnely, John W.         
(& McNelly)
McAnely, William H.      
(& McNelly)
Michael, Marion L.
Moore, George G.
Murray, Elijah A.
Murray, John K.
Murray, William D.J.
Myricke, Richard
G. (& Miricks, Myrickes)
Norman, James M.
Pace, Jackson
Pace, Joseph B
Precise, David R.
Precise, Robert P.
Rich, Madison
H.          (& Rice)
Sanders, Francis M.
Sanders, Elijah
Sanders, Elijah G.
Sanders, Ivary
Sanders, John B.
Sanders, William
Selby, James M.
Shelby, James M.
Shelby, John N.         
(& Selby)
Shelton, William Pace
Skelton, Samuel G.
Skelton, William C
Smith, George C.
Smith, Sterling M.
Sparks, John T.
Thrower, Levi
Thrower, Reese
Tinney, Elijah
Tinney, John C.
Tubb, George
Tubb, John
Weaver, Lewis
Webb, Henry A.
Wilburn, Elias              
(& Wilbourne)
Wilkinson, Joseph
Williams, James
J.K. P.
Williams, John W.
Williams, Jonathan
Williams, Thomas M.
"or Thomas"
Willis, James
Wilson, Michael
Womack, Robert M.
Legend   (Company A only so far)

Black appears in Potter’s Book and the National Park Soldier and Sailor System
Red, Potters book only.
Blue, National Park S&S system only.
Purple is information provided by a researcher.

(&), Separate listing in one of the databases (more than likely alternative spellings)
Alfred C. Ellis is collecting information on the Vidette Cavalry.
He is looking for...

1.  where members of the Vidette Cavalry lived when they enlisted.
2.  relatives, friends or neighbors that enlisted together.
3.  copies of any military records, letters or pensions.
4.  any additional military service.
5.  where members lived after the war.
6.  who they married, and where they are buried.
7.  et al

Also, not all the information available has been included in this site.  Additional information is available on all the members of the Vidette Cavalry.  As time and copyrights allow this information will be added.  Till then please e-mail us any questions.

Alfred C. Ellis                                         
Alfred C. Ellis' e-mail address was updated February 11, 2002.
   Company B Roster

Allen, George F.
Allen, Joseph H.
Allen, Sameon F.
Arnold, James E.
Arnold, Rubin
Barber, William H.
Bass, Thomas W.
Baxter, James J.
Beasley, Samuel
Biggman, Leander A.
Bohannan, David W.
Bohannan, Jacob T.
Brigman, Leauder A.
Brock, Isaac W.
Brock, James C.
Brock, Richard W.
Brock, Samuel C.
Campbell, James Thomas
Chastain, Thomas W.
Clark, Franklin
Clark, James
Clayton, Calvin L.
Collins, Josiah
Coots, John
Coots, Lindsey
Cowart, Elihugh P.
Cowart, Erasmas P.
Cowart, James E.
Cowart, William H.
Cox, James
Crowder, Robert
Crowder, Stephen A.
Crowder, William B.
Dawson, James M.
Dillbeck, David
Dillbeck, John J.
Drain, Lonezo D.
Drake, Joseph G.
Edge, Obadiah
Evans, David L.
Evans, Warick N.
Evett, James
Falks, Harrison
Findley, Moses
Findley, Moses M.
Fortune, Rufus W.
Fossett, M
Fowler, Samuel T.
Fowler, Williams S.
Galloway, Jason C.
Gibson, Peter B.
Gibson, Uje M.
Gilbraith, Frances M.
Grizzle, William H.
Guest, James H. E.
Hawkins, James J.
Haws, George M.
Haws, Jefferson
Hefner, Washington
Hess, James Anderson
Hodges, Charles Michael
Hodges, Joseph H.
Hodges, Martin VanBuren
Hodges, Robert D.
Horton, Archibald J.
Hughes, Andrew H.
Hulgins, John
Isbell, Elijah M.
Isbell, James
Javis, John
Lack[e]y, Mehinth C.
Maines, Daniel
Maines, Hirman
Maines, John L.
Maines, Logan
McClellan, Riley
McCurdy, Elijah C.
McCurdy, Macklin A.
McCurdy, Nathaniel Warren, Jr.
McCurdy, Samuel Rowan.
McCurdy, Seabern W.
Milligan, Thomas
Mitchell, William A.
Moore, William
Moore, John A.
Monroe, Stafford
Mullin, William
Musgrave, James W.
Musgrove, Solomon
Musgrove, William
Nicholas, WIlliam O.
Peek, Russell
Privett, George W.
Reynolds, Henry
Rich, Barron D.
Rhoden, Jesse Newberry
Russell, Henrey
Ryan, Henrey J.
Samples, Andrew C.
Samples, Columbus P.
Samples, Edmond Bradford
Sparks, John A.
Sparks, Zera A.
Springfield, Benjamin F.
Springfield, Thomas M.
Stafford, Elisha O.
Stafford, Monroe
Stewart, John
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Robert L.
Stewart, Samuel
Stewart, Walker A.

Story, Thomas J.
Sullivan, Thomas W.
Summers, James
Summers, Samuel H.
Taylor, James F.
Thurmond, Joseph W.
Thurmond, Martin
Warren, Lot
Warren, William
Watts, William J.
Wooten, Francis Marion
     Company C Roster

Armstrong, James
Ballard, Hardy M.
Ballard, James A.
Ballard, William
Barnes, Anthony G.
Barrett, John
Bevins, Richard
Blaybock, William M.
Blevins, Gains
Blevins, James
Blevins, Jonathan
Blevins, Richard
Bouldin, Nathan P.
Boylston, A. C.
Bray, William
Bruce, Marion
Cathey, George B.
Clark, John E.
Collins, Absalm G.
Collins, Andrew M.
Cooper, James
Cooper, John
Coots, Harris G.
Cordell, Calvin
Crabtree, Warren
Crabtree, William
Craze, Daniel
Craze, James
Craze, John
Cronan, Elijah Newton
Crow, Merida
Crow, Thomas
Crow, Washington D.
Dean, Leander
Ellis, Jacob
Ellis, James
Ellis, William

Findley, James M.
Franklin, John
Gattlin, Harrison
Gilbreth, John H.
Gilbreth, Peter H.
Godwin, James A.
Godwin, James A. Jr.
Hall, Thomas
Haney, William H.
Hawkins, Alexander
Hawkins, Preston
Hawkins, William C.
Highfield, John H.
Hill, Elisha
Hollis, Shepherd L.
Holloway, John
Johnson, Thomas J.
Jones, Johnson
Keath, F. M.
Keith, James
Kilgore, Robert
Kirby, Jason C.
Kirby William S.
Koger, Grainville
Koger William
Lea, Allen
Lea, Walter
Leslie, Ellsbery
Lewis, Johnathan
Long, Alfred
Long, David
McCom(m)ack, Albert
McCom(m)ack, Thomas
McCom(m)ack, William
McGuire, Zachariah
McNew, John
McNew, William
Moore, William
Morgan, John
Morgan, Lewis
Morgan, Nathaniel
Morgan, William
Painter, Andrew Jackson
Painter, Alexander

Parson, William R.
Pate, Thomas B.
Peak, Boone
Pelmore, Abner
Pelmore, Joseph
Potter, John
Sesemore, Jackson
Slaten, George W.
Slaten, Hamilton W.
Slatten John
Slayton, William
Smith, Henry H.
Smith, Jackson
Smith, Joseph
Steele, John
Steele, John R.
Sutton, James
Swader, Franklin
Swader, Thomas
Teague, William
Thompson, Eliha S.
Tinker, Henderson C.
Traffinstead, Joseph A.
Warren, James A.
Warren, John
Warren, Lot
Webb, John
Webb, William
Welsh, George W.
White, James T.
Young, Shelvin C.
    Company D Roster

Adkins, Charles
Allis, William
Brewer, Geroge W.
Brewer, Lewis P.
Brewer, William
Brixey, Calvin
Brown, Rubin
Burnett, John W.
Burnett, Samuel
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, James E.
Campbell, James W.
Cantrell, Benjamin
Cantrell, John
Carlton, David
Carlton, James
Carson, John
Christian, Albert C.
Coap, Jepther
Colwell, James
Conatser, James
Conatser, James K. P.
Conatser, James F. M.
Cope, Jepher
Davidson, David
Davidson, Hiram
Dickerson, Solomon
Disheroom, David J.
Disheroom, Gabriel J.
Disheroom, John T.C.
Doogan, Andy D.
Doogan, John
Door, James
Dyer, William
Dyke, John C.
Dykes, Calhoon
Dykes, James K.P.
Eakins, Samuel H.
Fipps, Martin
Gant, William N.
Grantham, Pleasant A.
Griffith, Jacob
Hicks, Elijah M.
Higgins, James H.
Hilliard, William
Holland, Frances
Holland, James P.
Johnson, John H.
Kelley, William H.
Kilgore, Abraham
Kilgore, Abraham
Kilgore, Hiram L.
Kilgore, Isaac
Kilgore, James C.
Kilgore, James J.
Kilgore, James R.
Kilgore, Madison
Kilgore, Oliver W
Laramore, James N.
Layne, A.
Layne, Alexander
Layne, Charles
Layne, Jackson
Layne, James
Layne, John, Sr.
Layne, John, Jr.
Layne, John B.
Layne, Samuel
Layne, William L.
Lockhart, Isaac
Lockhart, Robert
Lou, William P.
Odom, Wesley H.
Overstreet, William Calvin
Pickett, Meredith
Pryor, William
Revell, Charles Jasper
Revell, Wiley M.
Roger, Doctor F.
Russell, Henry C.
Sanders, John R.
Shankles, Samuel
Sitz, George W.
Sitz Levi J.
Smith, Elmus
Smith, John C.
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas F.
Smith, William
Stigall, Stephen
Still, John
Tate, Elisha
Tate, James
Tate, James S.
Tate, Jazuel
Tate, Pleasant H.
Thorph, John
Wiseman, George H.
   Company E Roster

Brown, Green B.
Brown, John
Burnett, Andrew J.
Caldwell, John
Caldwell, Lewis A.
Caldwell, Samuel D.
Campbell, Alexander
Capmbell, Archibald
Campbell, Hardy A.
Campbell, Harrison J.
Campbell, Henry F.
Campbell, Munroe
Campbell, Robert M.
Campbell, Samuel
Campbell, Zebedee
Coulter, Charles N.
Dickerson, James
Franklin, Benjamin W.
Franklin, David H.
Fults, Daniel, Sr.
Fults, Daniel, Jr.
Fultx, David
Fults, Elbert
Fults, Henry
Fults, James
Fults, James K.
Fults, Jesse
Fults, Marshall
Fults, Stewart
Fults, William C.
Gaines, Andrew
Green, Mordicai
Hobbs, Alexander, Sr.
Hobbs, Alexander, Jr.
Hobbs, Christopher, Sr.
Hobbs, Christopher, Jr.
Hobbs, Ezekial
Hobbs, James, Jr.
Hobbs, James N.
Hobbs, Neson B.
Hobbs, Wesley
Hobbs, William R.
Holk, George
Jones, Daniel J.
McDaniel, Adrien N.
Meaders, Andrew
Meeks, Reuben
Myers, George
Myers, Newton
Myers, Randolph
Myers, Robert S.
Northcutt, Anderson
Northcutt, Isaac
Nunley, Alexander
Nunley, Comodore
Nunley, Jesse, Jr.
Nunley, John Sr.
Nunley, John, Jr.
Nunley, William, Sr.
Nunley, William, Jr.
Nunley William B.
Nunley, Willis
Provance, James H.
Rogers, Elijah
Scott, Davidson
Scott, Eddey
Scott, John
Shannon, James H.
Shorley, Calaway
Smart, Andrew
Smart, John, Jr.
Smart, Reuben
Smart, William
Smart, William, Sr.
Smart, William, Jr.
Stills, James
Stump, Taylor
Tate, Eligjah D.
Tate, John J.
Thompson, James
Tipton, Stephen P.
Whitman, Jeremiah
Whitman, John
  Company F Roster

Baldwin, Francis M.
Beck, Elliot
Berkeen, Levi R.
Burlin, John C.
Bigger, William J.
Brecken, Levi R.
Brown, Thomas Y.
Burhn, John C.
Burrows, Silas
Bush, Zachariah
Carleton, William R.
Cherry, John B.
Claiborne, John W.
Clark, Ira W.
Clift, John W.
Cole, William
Collins, Almon A.
Collins, Martin J.
Collins, William J.
Cook, John S.
Davis, Columbus B.
Davis, Elbert G.
Delk, William
Dell, WIlliam D.
Dickens, Andrew J.
Doxey, John
Duncan, William R.
Elmore, Lucian C.
Elmore, Lucian C.
Elmore, William
Gaither, Silas
Gilley, Edward
Glover, James P.
Griffin, James H.
Griffin, William T.
Hall, Joseph
Hart, Martin
Hashaw, James
Haskins William T.
Hooper, Holmes
Hopkins, William H.
Horton, David
Hyde, Grey
Jackson, William S.
Jones, Thomas E.
King, James
King, Martin
Kirkendall, James M.
Kuykendall, Simon
Ladd, Thomas J.
Lamb, Thomas H.
Larne, Josiah B.
Lasswell, Robert B.
Lemay, Zerce A.
Lence, James W.
Lewis, Joseph W.
Lockhart, Newton
Lockhart, John D.
Logstone, Thomas F.
Lowe, Charles
Maxwell, Charles. W. C.
McCord, Robert J. S.
Moon, Alexander
Morphis, Henry C.
Mosely, William B.
Mullins, James M.
Neely, James M.
Nicholas, William
Oneal, Josiah B.
Owen, Abraham
Pearson, Thomas M.
Perriman, Jacob P.
Phelps, Samuel C.
Philllips, John M.
Pickle, James C.
Potts, John
Prismore, Thomas A.
Raddford, Phillip M.
Rains, Robert S.
Rains, David J.
Reynolds, Fracis M.
Rhyner, Samuel J.
Rittenberry, Thomas A.
Roberts, James S.
Rodgers, Benjamin F.
Ross, Roberts K.
Smith, Asberry
Smith, Hiram
Smith, Malcomn D.
Smith, William S.
Spry, Allen
Spry, Francis Marion
Spry, George W.
Stacey, William I.
Sutton, Henry F.
Tenpenny, David
Todd, Granville
Wade, William W.
Wheeler, Ezekial R.
Whitehead, James
Wilson, Thomas A.
Yoad, George T.
Young, Granville
Company G Roster

Atchley, Benjamin F.
Atkins, James B.
Ballard, James
Barksdale, William M.
Barnett, William H.
Beasley, Samuel
Blackwell, John M.
Broyles, Benjamin F.
Chandler, Deverux J.
Collins, Tipton B.
Couch, Benjamin G.
Crowder, Stephen A.
Davis, Reuben C.
Dean, William
Dickerson, William R.
Dillinder, Marcus L.
Driskill, James H.
Driskill, Samuel W.
Driskill, William A.
Dulton, William
Ellis, Alfred
Fielder, Nicholas W.
Gay, Garney C.
Gilbraith, Merida F.
Gilliland, John G.
Graves, Alexander
Graves, Henry
Graves, James
Graves, Joshua
Griffin, James M.
Hefner, Columbus L.
Henderson, John H.
Hill, Henry
Hill, William J.
Holloway, William J.
Hooper, Isaac
Hooper, Joseph B.
Hooper, Tilman R.
Jones, Abraham
Jordan, Christopher C.
Jordan, Henry R.
Jordan, John S.
Keith, Thomas
Koger, Ebenezer E.
Lea, John
Lea, William
Lou, John R.
Lusk, Josiah H.
Martain, William C.
Martan, Isaac
Mathis, David W.
Michell, John
Miller, Elihu
Morgan, Moses A.
Morgan, Squire
Naylor, William S.
Newgen, Francis M.
Oliver, Jesse
Oliver, William
Owens, Edison M.
Pate, James
Patton, Flemin F.
Patton, James
Pemberton, Jennings
Petty, Wiley D.
Phillipe, Carroll
Pless, George W.
Reeves, George W.
Simpson, Samuel B.
Slaten, Henry D.
Smith, Allen S.
Smith, Henry A.
Smith, James
Smith, Joel A.
Smith, Joseph D.
Smith, Marcus B.
Smith, Robert M.
Smith, William
Staten, Henry D.
Stewart, William
Stockstill, James
Stocketill, William M.
Stott, Abdill
Tiner, James C.
Upton, Henry
Waldrip, Elisha W.
Waldrip Pinkney M.
Wallace, Francis Marion
Wallis, James K. P.
Watts, Charles G.
Watts, Little B.
Whitten, John J.
Willbanks, Eps
   Company H Roster

Aberly, Charles
Allen, James
Ash, James
Ash, William G.
Ash, William M.
Ashley, Andrew J.
Bearden, John H.
Blancet, James H.
Blancet, William M.
Bracken, Tinsley
Bryant, James A.
Bryant, Tillman
Camp, Benjamin P.
Chennault, Andrew J.
Coffee, William H.
Coots, George W.
Cowen, David
Cox, John E.
Crabtree, Robert F.
Dollar, Elijah J.
Dollar, James, P. D.
Dollar, Ruben D.
Dollar, Samuel
Dowdy, Wesley J.
Dowdy, William J.
Dowdy, Winfield S.
Earp, Wesley
Edwards, Asbury G.
Edwards, David
Edwards, William H.
Fedrich, Michael
Fuhner, Joel
Goad, William A.
Griffen, William
Haskins, James R.
Hollingsworth, Samuel H.
Hurst, Spencer G.
Hurst, Thomas H.
Isbell, Elijah M.
Johnson, James R.
Keener, John R.
Keener, William M.
Lee, Lindas
Lemay, Samuel
Linday, John
Martin, David
Miles, B. Russell
Murray, Isaac D.
Neighbors, James W.
Obarr, Daniel
Obarr, Ira F.
Obarr, John
Obbar, John A.
Parker, Gasoway H.
Presnell, Corneline
Presnell, Enoch
Rains, William C.
Reeves, William D.
Robenson, Hiram L.
Russell, Perry G.
Russell, William H.
Scott, James M.
Shankle, William P.
Shrader, George L.
Smith, Benjamin C.
Smith, James
Stewart, Jeremiah M.
Tison, Harrison L.
Veitch, Isaac
Walker Richard
White, Arville M.
Wilbourn, Elias
Williams, Thomas B.
Wilson, Jeremiah
Woods, General G.
Worley, Langston
  Company Unknown

Bruce, Francis M.
Coggins, Andrew H.
Gilbreath, Michael M.
Grant, Ralph
Larne, James M.
Layne, James W.
Stephenson, Felix T.
Sullivan, James H.
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                     The Evolution of the Vidette Site Roster
Please use this e-mail link to help us make corrections to the roster

The above roster is not a static list.  As information becomes available it will and can change.  To help avoid confusion all changes to this list will be detailed below.  Originally the above list was copied from the
First Tennessee & Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry compiled by Johnny L.T.N. Potter.  This should give everyone a common point of reference, as it is the most available and known roster of the Vidette Cavalry.  Changes are made in the order they are requested.  It is possible that names may have several changes listed below.

Shanles, Samuel, Co. B     became     Shankles, Samuel, Co. D,         (Della Tenny,  delstret@sunline.met)     02/00
Spry, Francis M., Co. E     became      Spry, Francis Marion, Co. E         (Glenda M. Todd,     02/00
Cardin, John L., Co. A   became     Cardin, John Lewis, Co. A        (Sue Martin,     02/00 
Highfill, John H., Co. C    became     Highfield, John H., Co. C        (Alfred C. Ellis,     02/00
Wallis, Francis M., Co. G     became     Wallace, Francis Marion, Co. G        (Alan Simmons,  02/00
Berlin, John C., Co. F    became           Burlin, John C., Co. F           (Dennis Parks,    04/00
Cronon, Eliga N., Co. C   became      Cronan, Elijah Newton, Co. C.   (L'Ene Hatcher-Cross,  05/00
Pace, Joseph B., Co. A   became        Pace, Joseph Benton, Co. A    (Trudy Lusk,  06/00
Lusk, William, Co. A       became    Lusk, William Oliver, Co. A        (Trudy Lusk,  06/00
Isbell, James, Co. A      became     Isbell, James Redman, Co. A        (Jackie Isbell Johnston, 10/00
Overstreet, William C., Co. D became     Overstreet, William Calvin, Co. D   (Pat   , 10/00
Campbell, Jamed F., Co. B     became    Campbell, James Thomas, Co. B.   (Doug West, 12/00
Henderson, John J., Co. G      became     Henderson, John H., Co. G          (Shirley Henderson Buehler, 01/01
McCurdy, Michlen A., Co. B   became   McCurdy, Macklin A. Co. B.    (Roy Satterfield,  01/01
McCurdy, Nathan W., Co. B     became   McCurdy, Nathaniel Warren, Jr., Co. B     (Roy Satterfield,  01/01
McCurdy, Deabern W., Co. B    became   McCurdy, Seabern W., Co. B          (Roy Satterfield,  01/01
Roden, Jesse N., Co. B         became     Rhoden, Jesse Newberry., Co. B      (Roy Satterfield,  01/01  
Stewart, Samuel (44), Co. B      became                 [Deleted]                              (Alfred C. Ellis,       01/01
Painter, A. Jackson, Co. B       became     Painter, Andrew Jackson, Co. B     (Alfred C. Ellis,   01/01
Sampley, Edwin, B. Co, B    became        Sampley, Edmond Bradford, Co. B  (Joyce Rice Norton,  03/01
[Not Listed]                      became    Gilbreath, Michael M., Co.Unk     (Allysin Kateusz,
Revell, Charles J., Co D       became       Revell, Jasper Revell, Co. D            (Pat, 07/01
Biggman, Leander, A., Co B became    Brigman, Leander A., Co. B                (Mike Brigman, 07/01
[Not Listed]                    became     Miles, B. Russell, Co. H                  (Alfred C. Ellis, 02/03
Lucky, Meninth C., Co B            became      Lack[e]y, Menith C., Co B     (Alfred C. Ellis, 03/03
Todd, Ganville, Co. F     became        Todd, Granville, Co. F                   (Stephanie F. Warren, 03/03
Craw, Thomas, Co. C        became    Crow, Thomas, Co. C                  (David Druham, 10/03
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