2000, or as i like to call it, Y2LK, was a very interesting year for the Maestro. if i have to go back and pick the one year where my life changed, perhaps forever, Y2LK comes as close to being a life-changing year as any.

i began the year in Frisco, flailing away looking for a reason to stay. it could have been any reason: a job, a solid church, a GF, a decent place to live, any of these would have done. and walking away from Frisco was a hard decision to make, a decision that became easier as i realized the futility of staying.

my mom said it best. "you don't need Frisco." she's right, i don't. i enjoyed living there, and if i could have afforded it i would have stayed. but God called me back home, and i have been here ever since.

what i needed was stability. just any sense of normalcy, standard, routine, i just needed to get away from the constant madness of kids bombarding my house every nite, the constant search for a job that i don't even like, and lovelife, OMG...let's just say it's a good thing i'm back in SoCal.

oh and i haven't even begun talking about debt. OMG, i was in some SERIOUS debt when i came home. you can see a recurring them of me needing stability in my life. well work provided that stability for me. since then i have bounced around, and even gave film a chance. but for the time being, i was content to just show up ready for work. from a professional standpoint, i accomplished a lot and progressed as i now can venture out and pursue even greater things.

so Y2LK will be remembered as the year i accomplished great professional feats...YEAH RIGHT!!!

of course i will remember Y2LK as the year that i met kat. we had an interesting journey. i won't discuss the details here, but that experience alone has enuff dramatic twists and turns. Hollywood couldn't have written a better script. only difference is, we didn't have a happy ending and that we weren't able to ride off into the sunset.