About the Maestro

DOB: 9-15-76
Height: 5-8
Weight: 180
Home: Montrose, CA
Work: Hollywood, I'll be back!


two major factors in my life are in a state of disarray right now. i'll give you a hint...the other one is work. i think you all know what the first one is. let's start with work. i was warned. i knew going in that Hollywood is a cut-throat business. no room for the weak, you either have thick skin or you're back to flipping burgers.

but i took a shot. i've always wanted to work in film, and i know that someday i can look back at these experiences and laugh. going in i knew i was in for the lowest of lows. making copies, deliveries. i made so many deliveries, you might as well have strapped a pizza to my back.

despite being given this kind of work, management still decided that i wasn't cutting it. and with the SAG strike and other issues, it turns out i may not have stood a chance anyway. so to make a long story short, my film career lasted a whopping three weeks.

but if you think this is the end, then think again. Maestro will be back. if you think my film career is over, then you are HIGH my friend.

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