In Memory of:
Donte Leshawn Mayo
Friends at Ruffner Middle School 01-02 8th Grade
"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget."
Roanoke Times: June 17, 2003

A Roanoke teenager was accidently shot to death Saturday night(June 14, 2003)by his father,whom he was visiting in Georgia, officals said.
     Donte Leshawn Mayo, 15, had just finished his freshman year at William Fleming High School. He was visiting his father, Johnny Mayo, at his home in Conyers, GA., Rockdale County Sheriff, Jeff Wigington, told the Rockdale Citizen, a Conyers newspaper.
     Johnny Mayo is a detention deputy with the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office. He was off duty when the shooting took place.
     Wigington gave The Rockdale Citizen this accont of the shooting:"The father had apparently been to a private shooting range, doing target practice. He cleaned his weapon, reloaded it and was walking through the house with the weapon. He went into the room that is set up as a small office witha computer desk where his son was sitting. Somehow the weapon discharged."
      Donte Mayo had been playing a computer game when a bullet from the handgun, which was not Johnny Mayo's service weapon and was not issued to him by the sheriff's office, struck him in the chest. Donte died at Rockdale Hospital, where medical personal worked for more than an hour to save him,Wigington told The Rockdale Citizen.
     "Our hearts go out to the deputy and his family. He had just picked his son up to spend the summer with him and then this happened the day before Father's day. He is a very good employee, and we're sorry he's having to go through this," Wigington told The Rockdale Citizen.
     "All indications are it was an accident," Wigington said. "We have no reason to believe that there was any intent on the father's part."
     The shooting is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The Rockdale County Sheriff's office will also conduct an internal investigation. "That's to make sure there were no policy violations," Wigington told the Rockdale Citizen.
     Attempts to reach the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were not successful Monday evening."
Always remembered, and never forgotten. We will meet again one day, in heavan. R.I.P.  Donte Mayo, 15