*Chistes = Spanish for jokes

In case you hadn't noticed,
this page is always under construction!

Hi! I'm Cholo.

Ever since I got on the Internet in March of 1996, I've been receiving jokes via email from friends all over the world. So far I have a couple of thousand jokes stored on my hard drive.

(Yes folks, that is THOUSANDS!!)

This site isn't the fanciest nor the most spectacular on the Net, but it gives me someplace to store my jokes rather than taking up so much space on my hard drive!

This is an on-going event, meaning that I will try to update and add jokes often as I can.


Some pages may contain language or situations that some people might find offensive. If you are easily offend by strong language and/or adult situations, you should look elsewhere for your humor.

Blonde Jokes

The name says it all!
Education and Kid Jokes

Lawyer Jokes

Don't get me wrong,
some of my best friends
are lawyers!
Men vs. Women
Men vs. Women

Politically incorrect, sexist jokes.
Misc. Jokes

These jokes really don't fit
into any specific category.
Olympic Jokes

Living in Utah, you have
to have a sense of humor!
Political Jokes

These are NOT politically correct!
Redneck Jokes

Ya gotta love 'em!!
Religious Jokes

Oh get a life!
Enter at your own risk.

If you have a joke that you'd like to see here, send it to me at:


If you would like, I'll give you credit for sending the joke.

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