Sabertooth FAQ
(frequently asked questions)

Is it you who invented the Sabertooth plane?
I once received an e-mail from someone who said he saw a Sabertooth plane 30 years ago.  I arrived at the design independently and was the first to post the design on the web (the original website was at and had an awful green/yellow speckled color scheme).  The designs on the other websites are copied from this site.

Why is the plane named Sabertooth? The name was suggested by a friend of mine from elementary school (Jason Magouirk) because its 'teeth' are reminiscent of the large fangs of a sabertooth cat.

Why don't you add more planes? I would, if I could find another plane I enjoyed flying as much.  I've had some difficulty flying Ken Blackburn's record holder, though I'd really love to see it live in action (27.6 seconds aloft!).

Any interesting stories? In junior high, my friends and I had paper airplane dogfights during lunchtime.  The idea was to alternate turns trying to hit each other's planes on the way down, with bonus points for artistic flight.  We managed to hit a dragonfly or two as well, and we never poked anyone's eye out.  A few of us had started wearing glasses, anyway.  I once sold these planes for 25 cents apiece after gym class (I made about a buck-fifty).  Ha!  The joys of youth. :)


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