Tracking 9/11: "The Brooklyn Bridge Footage" and its use on the 2003 PsyOps for War

By Chris Bornag

November 11, 2008 (Veteran's Day: Oh, dear Veterans: Fight for the Truth before its too late!)

Update (11/17/08): Current findings by Matt indicate that this footage most certainly can be attributed to the ITN Archive (called "ITN/Reuters" by the TLC - Discovery documentary. See Footnote 15 for more details.)

On 12/04/03, Lisa Myers, NBC News’ senior investigative correspondent announced that U.S. experts declared that the "Brooklyn Bridge" footage posted on an enemy's Web site "may be never-before-broadcast video of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."1

Here we will see how that statement was wrong.

The FBI declared at the same time that it is "familiar with the video, which was provided by a friendly bystander." 2

However, we will see here how that statement was also false. They should have known better.

Ben Venzke was the expert on the matter who supplies material to U.S. law enforcement and himself downloaded the material from the enemy’s Web site.3

The 9/11 video was not little known to the FBI, they were familiar with it. It was provided to them, so, FBI was in possession of that video. Somebody mused on the Internet (maybe Russ Kick) something like, here we have a tape that the FBI knows about, showing up on their uttermost enemy’s place.4

The legitimacy of the images presented on that video is not the subject of this study. However we can clearly see the logic on the point that an expert on 9/11 footage makes with his next statement: "Notice the plane flies very straight instead of coming in at a downward slope as seen in other videos (such as CBS Live 1 and CBS 9:05). Also notice the speed of the ferry boat going in the opposite direction compared to the plane." 5

So, on December of 2003 with the heat of the war on Iraq, an expert investigative newscaster declared that such 9/11 footage, "may be never-before-broadcast video." However, to the best of our knowledge, such video was presented at least three times on 9/11 documentaries before 2003, two of them on TV:

  1. By the nationwide public broadcasting station PBS – NOVA, "Why the Towers Fell" with an airing date of April 30, 2002. At the very beginning of the program, New York’s World Trade Center can be seen from across the East River in Brooklyn while the narrator declares "By now you've seen the images..." 6
  2. By the cable TV, TLC – Discovery, "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse". Release Company: Artisan Entertainment. August 20, 2002. Here, fragments of the footage are seen multiple times in the second part of the program. 7

Still From ‘The Brooklyn Bridge Footage’, White Aircraft Flies Below the Smoke

That white aircraft, highlighted by Jason Bermas in his "Fabled Enemies" documentary.

The third source for that same footage was seen in a not so popular documentary by Daniel Hopsicker, who released his documentary "Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus" on August 15, 2002.8

So, how it is possible that a "senior investigative correspondent" like NBC’s Lisa Myers and her staff may have "lacked of knowledge", if we, "simple peasants" knew (unless Lisa Myers was deliberately "playing the fool", or under Zionist collaboration or coercion?) that such footage was already aired at least three times before?

To determine who did that video, we compared the "Archive Material" credits at the end of the two TV documentaries mentioned before. Furthermore, we compared a third documentary also aired by PBS-NOVA on 2006, described as the sequel of "Why the Towers Fell" by PBS, whose title was "Building on Ground Zero" and where we can see again the very same ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ footage.9

The only three common sources for those three TV documentaries mentioned (Hopsicker’s not included) are:

1- ABC News (called "ABC Video Source" by the TLC - Discovery)

2- ITN Archive (called "ITN/Reuters" by the TLC - Discovery)

3- The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

If you want more accuracy than that, it will be necessary for you to ask Daniel Hopsicker directly from whom or where he obtained that footage (see the currently added Footnote 15).

The "Brooklyn Bridge footage" was not manufactured by a "bystander," even if the FBI declared to be so, on December 2003. A longer version of it was present at "the Moussaui trial" (there, clip 3, from 2:55 to 4:55) courtesy of the FBI, posted on 2006.10

That "Brooklyn Bridge footage" was fabricated by news experts (Mossad - Zionist controlled) and/or by "The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey", whichever it be, it completely counters the claims done by the fearmongers within the FBI and by the NBC on December of 2003.

And most recently, the FBI re-releases the same "Brooklyn Bridge" footage on November 2008, together with other "hitting-plane" video "evidence" through some, apparently one more of the abundant zio-shill-9/11-planners, called Mr. Scott Bingham (see that footage, posted by Scott, at the end of the next link): "Unseen 9/11 Footage Finally Being Released By FBI, DOJ"

Of course, it couldn’t have been proper "news" in America to say: "the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey did ‘the Brooklyn Bridge video’ that we, the FBI, under Mossad - Zionist orders, handed over to "Al-Qaeda", with the purpose to "scare" stupid Americans into supporting a war, by all means more beneficial to Israel than to the U.S. (actually, Bush's silly war has costed more than all the previous administrations together, and is the cause of the financial doom of America, so: criminal Bush, remember what happened to that, your bad ol' role model, the political cheater that by deceit got your dumb father into office, that guitar player and "country speechy" (yes, like you), the liar of Lee Atwater, Bush, thow shalt repent before it's too late with all sorts of diseases reaching at you)" Neither will be "proper" to say that the same "Ben Venzke, the so-called expert ‘counter-terrorist’ uploaded and then downloaded that video himself." Or that "Al-Qaeda took the footage from an old "U.S. 9/11 documentary" and posted it in their own Web site, just adding ranting Arabic voices to make it more scary."

As one researcher hinted, how can be possible with all the resources of those two huge institutions, FBI and NBC, to blatantly fail on researching the accurate facts? 11

They must do better than that! Are they serving the American Citizens? Or instead, whom are they serving? Their pay-masters, money-masters from Zion? Just remember that it is because of people like Lisa Myers and the coward "intelligence" cowtowers that America is going down the drains. Or it was "another" and deliberate "act of mutual incompetence" or, as we will see when putting together every bit of information on tracking 9/11: A very well calculated PsyOp to manipulate the public’s opinion on supporting an unpopular war launched by an unpopular President based always on fear to gain "the people's support". America deserves better than that! What can you do to stop the Zionist manipulated demolishers of America...? 12

The Washington Post published some memos showing how ex-U.S. defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld directed a psychological terror campaign to achieve purposes for war: "Make the American people realize they are surrounded in the world by violent extremists", Rumsfeld wrote.13

The article here posted, tracking 9/11, is just one more coin in the coffin for their drying fountain of deception.

[Final note: Can the same media that we are denouncing here help us airing these findings (smile) and other findings presented here at the footnotes and at the "Journal of 9/11 Studies"? Or zio-cointels already got that Journal as well?] 14


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6 PBS Nova 2002. A clip of the footage can be seen at: , there emphasis is done in the white vehicle flying below the smoke while the WTC2 attack was going on.

7 TLC Discovery 2002. Other notable detail is that the Fanta’Devs shot by Luis Alonso aired at MSNBC and stored at CameraPlanet appears in this documentary and a fragment of it on the movie 9/11 by the Naudet brothers, so, apparently it can only be assigned to one of the next Archive Material credits (I lean to attribute it to Gamma Press USA, which was the boss of the Naudet brothers, so Luis Alonso was working for it as well, or for any of the next ones, the only ones possibly credited for "his" footage according to those documentaries): ABC News, Associated Press Television News, BNN TV, CNN Image Source, Discovery Communications, Inc., Federal Emergency Management Agency, Gamma Press USA, ITN Archive, Molesworth Enterprises, Inc., NBC News Archives, New York City Police Department, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, WABC-TV Channel 7

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10 The original "Brooklyn Bridge film" is longer as can be corroborated by fragments of the TLC’s aired footage that were not included on the video evidence used on such trial. To see 9/11 footage used there, go to: As well as at : Sept 11, 2001 #1 from Zacarias Moussaoui Trial, Sept 11, 2001 #2 from Zacarias Moussaoui Trial.

11 "How could the FBI and NBC News not have known that this footage already appeared in a documentary from PBS? Considering that they have virtually unlimited resources and that it's their job to know these things, how did both of them come to the conclusion that this is previously unseen footage? [15 Dec 2003]" Also, as even the same NBC article asks: "how did a tape that was not widely circulated end up on a known al-Qaida site?" By now, you may have the answer…

12 Some Concerned and Committed guys are doing research videos on 9/11. I recommend "September Clues" by the Social Service, where the earlier five pieces of footage aired by the main TV stations of the U.S. showing the attack to WTC2 are carefully and systematically compared. I also recommend the exhaustive compilation of footage of the WTC2 attack previously linked at, it has been done by KT, where he is tracking one by one its filmmakers (obnoxious characters such as Devin Clark, Robert Clark, Kai C. Simonsen, ‘Tina Cart’, ‘Park Foreman’, etc., etc.). Some others are putting sharp studies at their blog like Stilldiggin’: (he nails liars such Kai C. Simonsen again, Don Dahler, Theresa Renaud, Richard Davis, Libby Clark, etc.) But never nothing will replace your own reasoning, do your own homework by yourself! Finally I encourage you to read the research by Mark H. Gaffney: Why Did the World’s Most Advanced Electronics Warfare Plane Circle Over The White House on 9/11? And the Letter by Pilots for Truth: Official Account Of 9/11 Flight Contradicted By Government's Own Data This, aside of the well known noise raised by ‘WTC7 – Explosions – Controlled Demolition’ crew of Alex Jones, Steve Jones, Jim Fetzer and the Loose Change team (Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, Korey Rowe), etc…

13 From the Desk of Donald Rumsfeld: In Sometimes-Brusque 'Snowflakes,' He Shared Worldview, Shaped Policy. By Robin Wright, The Washintgon Post. 11/01/2007. (Browse title and quotation)

14 Thus far, it has not been the case… The mass media even ignores all that turmoil going around right now in America and in the whole world versus the "official" Zionist explanation of 9/11! So, what then are our odds to be heard? (Side Note: The previous front page for this Web site can be found at ; we have been studying the "Hidden Advanced Aircraft of Bush’s Black Operation 9/11" a topic surprisingly censored, mocked or ignored by others. The best known of our findings is the E-4B flying over Washington, even aired on Sept 12 2007 at Anderson Cooper’s CNN. We argue that several other E-4Bs and multiple models of the most advanced aircraft (Rumsfeld´s "Toys") were flying around the whole "Bush’s Black Operation 9/11." Study every aspect of 9/11 in order to bring down the real culprits!.)

15 A recent finding by the 9-11_TV_archive showed to me that pieces of the same "Brooklyn Bridge Footage" were seen in a 2002 UK documentary by Michael Attwell and his "MAP-TV": "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" There at time 3:13-16 Then: There at time 0:01-0:17 Then: To see additional credits at the end The "Archive" credits for that documentary are: CBS News, CNN, Gamma Press USA, Iskra/Isis, ITN Archive, NBC, Tiger Aspect Productions, Erik Tischler. [The ITN Archive is the only common match and is called "ITN/Reuters" by the TLC - Discovery documentary; So ITN was the "friendly" source for the FBI!!!] More evidence of 9/11 & its footage as being a big bad Israeli scum operation. (Reuters has been found several times doctoring its "news" material) Earlier announcement: Tuesday, August 27 2002 ...documentary "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" will air in the fall on Channel 5, Discovery Europe, ZDF and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp... Television producer Michael Attwell on July 2 began a two-year term as chairman of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, succeeding film producer Simon Relph. A veteran of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, Attwell now is managing director of his own production company, MAP-TV... [Note: is that "Brooklyn Bridge Footage” heinous footage present in another documentary earlier than the 2003 NBC - FBI - Lisa Myers' report? Was it taken by some of the hundreds of 'repudiable' "High-Fiving" and "Dancing Israelis" and their 'U.S. Mossad network'? Are those the 'friendly' source of the FBI? Ask criminal dual-citizen and Israeli Zionist Michael Chertoff, then he was there, now he is like a little horn, the 'head' of "Homeland (in)Security" 9/11 Missing Links: The Enemy Within pt.4/12 It may be necessary to set a "Zionist - Sayanim" Website watch, to track those criminals and to keep them at bay. If you can do it?)


Everything that was needed for 9/11 was already set before and more:

On Camouflage:

“Active Camouflage. Created by dynamically matching the object to be camouflaged to its background colors and light levels thus rendering it virtually invisible to the eye. This is conceptually the same camouflage process as that used by a chameleon. This is accomplished through a sophisticated color and light sensor array that detects an object’s background color and brightness. This data is then computer matched and reproduced on a pixel array covering the viewing surface of the object to be camouflaged”.

“Motion camouflage… it is a way of observing and approaching an object without making it obvious to an observer or the object that is being observed. The technique might have been unintentionally deployed by attacking fighter aircraft, and is currently in development for disguising the intended target of guided missiles.”

“False Target Generation. A device that creates and presents an image of a target that causes a weapon to aim at a false target. Used as a countermeasure to precision guided weapons.”

“Translucent Camouflage. The best way to avoid being seen is to be invisible and so cast no shadow. The equivalent of translucence is to present the observer with the scene which the object is blocking out. In a technical world this can be done using a camera to film the scene that is blocked and presenting it to the observer in front of the object.”

“Passive Camouflage. The logic is that what you can’t see, you can´t hit.”

On Sound Weapons:

“Blast Wave Projector. Energy generation from a pulsed laser that will project a hot, high pressure plasma in the air in front of a target. It creates a blast wave with variable but controlled effects on hardware and troops.”

“Infrasound. Very low-frequency sound that can travel long distances and easily penetrate most buildings and vehicles. Transmission of long wavelength sound creates biophysical effects; nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death may occur. Superior to ultrasound because it is “in band” meaning that it does not lose its properties when it changes mediums such as from air to tissue. By 1972 an infrasound generator had been built in France that generated waves at 7 Hz. When activated it made the people in range sick for hours.”

“Squawk Box. Crowd dispersal weapon field tested by the British Army in Ireland in 1973. This directional device emits two ultrasonic frequencies which when mixed in the human ear become intolerable. It produces giddiness, nausea or fainting. The beam is so small that it can be directed at specific individuals.”

On Generation of Fake Smoke:

“Smoke. A thick, disorienting “cold smoke” that can be generated in areas from 2,000 to 50,000 cubic feet. It restricts an intruders eye-hand coordination and interactions among members of an intruding group. While obscuring smoke can be delivered by grenades or smoke pots. Relatively inexpensive, non contaminating and tactically ideal for police use. Obscuring smokes are temporarily irritating to the nose and throat and cause those affected to lose their senses of purpose and direction.”

On Chip Implants:

“Neuro-Implant. Computer implants into the brain that allow for behavioural modification and control. Current research is experimental in nature and focuses on lab animals such as mice.”

On Subliminal Messages:

“A technology invented by a Russian scientist that involves influencing subjects visually or aurally with imbedded subliminal messages.”

On Holograms:

“The projection of soldier-force images which make an opponent think more allied forces exist than actually do, make an opponent believe that allied forces are located in a region where none actually exist, and/or provide false targets for his weapons to fire upon. New concept developed in this document.”

“Prophet. The projection of the image of an ancient god over an enemy capitol whose public communications have been seized and used against it in a massive psychological operation.”

“Hologram used to scare a target individual to death. Example, a drug lord with a weak heart sees the ghost of his dead rival appearing at his bedside and dies of fright.”


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