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Stand Alone Stories

The Boss
Humor, m/m slash

slash m/m, discipline

Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night
angst, spanking, violence

spanking, D/s

Not Nothing
spanking, angst

The End
angst, violence, nonconsensual abuse, possible character death

The Train
Set in the Danville universe, spanking, heavy angst

angst, spanking implied

Unconditional Love
spanking, angst

The Dance
Music and love and dancing

 talk of spanking, brutality, Character death, angst

The Fight
Snippet, silliness

The Machine
WARNING! heavy S&M content, read at own risk


The Fest Series
 Set in the Danville Universe, a RenFest is the order of things. Spankings 

 Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Chapter five

Married With Child Series
In this series, Walter and Fox are in a committed Relationship and are raising Walter's Daughter Jenny. 
Note: Some chapters may contain spanking, m/m sex, attempted rape, and discipline of both an adult and a minor child. If  any or this bothers you hit back now.

No Worries Part One  The boys find out, its a girl!
No Worries Part Two  A tantrum 
No Worries Part Three  Rules
No Worries Part Four  One little manipulation
No Worries Part Five  The piano
No Worries Part Six  Interuptis 
No Worries Part Seven  The Hoover 
No Worries Part Eight  After the Hoover
No Worries  Part Nine Registering for school and a first
No Worries Part Ten  Shopping and the party
No Worries Part Eleven  After the party, first day of school, the con
No Worries Part Twelve  Grandma comes to visit 
No Worries Part Thirteen  The Game 
No Worries Part Fourteen  After the Game 
No Worries Part Fifteen  The day after the Game
No Worries Part Sixteen   Sickness

Untamed Savage
An AU set in the old west, where Walter is a rancher and Fox is 9 years old.

The Hunch  The boy arrives
The Decision  Does he stay or not 
The Rules  How many rules can one child have? 


Bundles of Joy
Two little boys arrive on an Orphan train. AU

Bundles of Joy Part 1 The Arrival

Wedded Bliss
AU Marriage, Sex, Herms

Consumated  A wedding and the wedding night

Indentured Servant
AU Walter is indentured to a man in the colonial days of America

Indentured Servant  The Servant arrives 
Indentured Servant 2  Two boys and a warm day

Walter is in trouble in Vietnam and Fox heads out to save him. 
Takes place in the Danville Universe


MIA 2 
MIA 3 

Claimed slaveboy
Walter and fox in Gor
Contains D/s and m/m sex

Claimed slaveboy

Fairy Tale Series
a silly series of familiar Fairy Tales with Walter and Fox, with some spankings.

  Sleeping Beauty
  The Prince and the Pea
  Little Red-Tail Riding Fox

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