Bonanza Theme

  Blistered series

   Chapter one - Blistered By Pa 
   Chapter two - Blistered by Hop Sing 
   Chapter three  - Supper 
   Chapter four - Blistered at Bedtime
   Chapter five - Blistered at School 
   Chapter six - Blistered After School 
   Chapter seven - Blistered in the Woodshed 
   Chapter eight - Blistered by Adam
   Chapter nine - Blistered at the River 
Chapter ten - Blistered Past
Chapter eleven - Double Blistering

Original Series
Dealing with the boys before the show. Spanking

The Black  A forbidden horse and a boy

Propensity for Trouble  the name says it all

Temper, temper  Hoss has a temper

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