Original Character Theme

Special Child
spanking OC (minor child involved)

Threads of the Tapestry Series
The following series of stories are all part of the same universe. They are stories that will at times interweave a tapestry of love and caring. There may be some difficult parts in these stories, but be patient, all will be well. 

Sydney and Tony Thread
OC spanking slash m/m

The Day from Hell
  Chapter one
  Chapter two
  Chapter three
  Chapter four 
  Chapter five
  Chapter six

Madison and Mew Thread
OC Slash M/M Spanking

  Second Chance

Ohanko and Jason Thread
OC Slash M/M Spanking

  Spirit and Soul

Iggy and Damalis Thread
OC no slash M/m spanking (minor child involved)

Little Thief
  Part one
  Part Two
  Part three 
  Part four
  Part five
  Part six

The Camping Trip

Day One Friday
Day Two, Saturday
Day Three, Sunday

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