Carnation Angel
Crafting instructions & photo

Material Needed

  Carnation - silk, white in color removed from stem
  One 1 inch bead or doll head
  2-1/2 inch by 2-1/2 inch square of lace or fabric
  Spanish moss
  Gold pipe cleaner/chenille stem for halo
  2 leaves - silk or similar
  Tiny flower
  Gold thread
  Hot glue and glue gun

Start with removing carnation from stem leaving the small green part (stub)  that holds the flower together.  You will be using the canation in the upside-down position.  Roll or fold lace to form a long tube-like form and glue to hold together.  This will form the arms.  Place the center of the lace roll just behind the green stub on the carnation and glue into place. wrap the ends to the other side and glue at tips together.  This becomes the arms and hands.  Glue flower into hands.  Attach bead or doll head to top of green stub, above the arms.    Apply glue to the area of head for hair and roll into cut up pieces of spanish moss to create the hair. Trim if necessary.   Loop gold chennille stem to form a halo and attach to the top of the head with a dap of glue to the back.   Glue the two leaves the the back of the Angel for wings.  Loop gold thread to desired length for hanging the Angel and glue to back of her head.
When I make these Angels I usually make about two dozen at a time.  I look for flowers with a light pink on the tips for added color. I purchase the bunches of carnations and prepare them all by removing the stems first.  Then I gather the proper amount of leaves.  I like to use the leaves from roses because they are a bit more rounded than the ones from carnations and make nicer looking wings. 
You may also substitute carnation flowers for roses or any other similar flower.
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