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Colombia Grenadine Confederation 1859 (Scott #1,2-3,4,6,7-8)
(There is no #5) Asterisk in frame, wavy lines in background.

Col01G1.jpg (30537 bytes) Col02x.htm Col04x.htm Col06G1s.jpg (37968 bytes) Col07G1s.jpg (37968 bytes)

Colombia Grenadine Confederation 1860 (Scott #9-12)
Diamonds in frame. Straight lines in background. No 2 1/2 or 1 Peso

Col10a.jpg Col11x.htm Col12x.htm

Unites States of Colomibia 1861 (Scott #13-18) (There is no #15)

Col13x.htm Col14x.htm Col16x.htm Col17x.htm Col18x.htm

Unites States of Colomibia 1862 (Scott #19-23)

Unites States of Colomibia 1863 (Scott #24-29)

Unites States of Colomibia 1864 (Scott #30-34)

Unites States of Colomibia 1865 (Scott #37-42)

Col37G1.jpg (30537 bytes) Col38x.htm Col39x.htm Col40G1s.jpg (37968 bytes) Col41G1s.jpg (37968 bytes) Col42G1s.jpg (37968 bytes)