Diego Suarez 1890. (Scott #6)

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The G of DIEGO has a serif
The wavy line of the highest wave is touching the ship's stern
Look at the clouds to the right of the rear mast
The left vertical line of the valut tablet is not thick
The vertical line in the middle sail touches the mast
Ink used is not very dark, almost dark grey


27 SEP 90 cancel

Many Fournier are too dark
other bad cancels 15 MARS 90     28 SEP 91     1 SEPT 92

3 OCT 90 cancel


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The Work of Jean De Sperati by the British Philatelic Association 1955

Album Weeds by Rev. R. B. Earee

The Serrane Guide by Fernand Serrane

The Forged Stamps of all Countries by J. Dorn

Compiled by Bill Claghorn (July 01, 2000)