Labuan 1879-94. (Scott #35 and 46)

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Lithographed             Lithographed



The engraved has all thin lines very sharp and the edges of the lines are well defined.
The lithographed stamps have more fuzzy edges on all lines.

Both stamps here have lithographed borders but the one on the right has an engraved center. I am awaiting further documentation on this issue. It seems that the engraved stamps were printed in two passes one for the border andone for the center. The transition to lithographed seems to have happened in two stages. The stamps with lithographed frame and engraved cneter are not rare.

No effort was made here to define catalog numbers for different watermarks and colors because this is a forgery site and not a catalog. Please excuse this lack of detail.

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The arrow at lower right or left in central frame is poorly formed.
The line behind the lips is poorly formed.
The hair curl below the ear lacks detail.  


Album Weeds by Rev. R. B. Earee

The Serrane Guide by Fernand Serrane

The Forged Stamps of all Countries by J. Dorn

Compiled by Bill Claghorn (July 01, 2000)