Nova Scotia 1851-53 Issue, (Scott #1)

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(Scott #1)

(Scott #1 Forgery A)

(Scott #1 Forgery B)

(Scott #1 Forgery C)

(Scott #1 Genuine)

One Penny, red-brown.

Issue of 12 May, 1853; blue paper.

Also on bluish, or almost white paper.

Engraved in taille-douce.

The backgrounds of the four outer frames, containing the name and value, are composed of crossed, oblique engine-turned lines, so that none of the said backgrounds are solid in any part.

The points of the central diamond, which contains the portrait, are all perfect ;
the top point comes very much nearer to the o than to the V Of NOVA ;
the right-hand point is just a shade to the left of the T of POSTAGE;
the bottom point is much nearer to the 0 than to the T of SCOTIA ;
and the left-hand point comes midway between the P and E Of PENNY.

The background behind the portrait is entirely formed of engine-turned lines. The ink stands out from the paper. Click on the image above for more detail.

(Scott #1 Forgery A)

(Scott #1 Forgery B)

Lithographed, on medium, wove paper, not so blue as the first issue of the genuine.

The background of the label containing POSTAGE is quite solid and uniform, except after the r,,.

The other three labels show lines, but so close together and so blotched, that they appear solid at a little distance.

The top point of the central diamond is not perfect ; but if complete, it would come exactly midway between the o and v of NOVA.

The right-hand point is exactly under the center of the T of POSTAGE ; the bottom point is exactly midway between the o and T of SCOTIA ; and the left-hand one is over the second half of the P of PENNY.

Most of the background of the central diamond is of solid color, showing traces -of lines here and there.

The ink does not stand out from the paper

(Scott #1 Forgery C)

This is in black instead of red-brown and apparantly a photographic reproduction.

Compiled by Bill Claghorn (July 16, 2000)