c Oldenburg 1/3 Silb Gr.

Oldenburg 1852-55 Issue, 1/3 Silb Gr (Scott #4)

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Original is lithographed on stone, in black, on soft yellow-green paper. 
There is only one type of this value.
1. The ribbon containing OLDENBURG is almost straight. It is curved in other values of this set.
2. The mantle behind the arms is knotted up without tassels.
3. The cross at the top of the crown is partly obliterated by the thin, inner line of the top frame, which passes right across it.
4. The pointed bottom of the central shield cuts into the nam-scroll below it, exactly over the center of the N of OLDENBURG.
5. There is no stop (period) after this word.
6. The paper color is a distinctive yelow-green.
7. There are two dots in the lower part of the cross in the coat of arms.
8. There is a period after Silb and Gr. The Gr period is very close to the edge.
9. The L and D of OLDENBURG are joined and the G bar touches the border line. The R leans to the right.

Forgery A

This copy is a poor lithograph with poor detail.
The 4 in the left scroll does not tilt.  

Forgery B

Paper is much brighter in color. 
The paper of this one gives it away. The paper is of modern manufacture.


Grosses Handbuch Der Falschungen Lieferung No. 17 Oldenburg, text by Otto E. Stiedl, Photos by Fritz Billig

Album Weeds by Rev. R. B. Earee

Distinguishing Characteristics of Classic Stamps, Old German States. by Hermann Schloss.

The Serrane Guide by Fernand Serrane

The Forged Stamps of all Countries by J. Dorn

Forgery C


Compiled by Bill Claghorn (June 17, 2000)