Parma 1859. (Scott #10)

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The serif at the top of D of DUC and P of Parma is longer than serif at bottom.
The bottom of the C of DUC and ECC and CENT is flattened
There is a break in the central oval at 2 o"clock
There is a dot or dash after ECC
The points of the three upper right leaves are equal height
The gap between the third set of leaves down on the right and the border is parallel
THe top of the fleur de lys touches the third line down
The left tip of the large shield at 9 o"clock points up
The cross bar of the A of PIAC is broken at the left, sometimes hard to see


Spiro forgery
Leaf at bottom and right wrong


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The Work of Jean De Sperati by the British Philatelic Association 1955

Album Weeds by Rev. R. B. Earee

The Serrane Guide by Fernand Serrane

The Forged Stamps of all Countries by J. Dorn

Compiled by Bill Claghorn (July 01, 2000)