Spain 1850 Issue, 6 Reales (Scott #4)


Forgery B

1. The 6 is more or less upright. The small oval in the lower portion of the 6 is narrow. There is more space between the numeral and the outwer and inner frames.
2. There should be a larger and more noticeable gap between the ornaments.
3. The shading is in a much more random looking pattern, but the points are spaced more evenly.
4. The same line should be curved into an obvious double chin effect. . 


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1. The numeral 6 is leaning slightly to the left. The oval that forms the inner hole of the lower portion of the numeral is too wide. Also, the numeral is too big and comes too close to the inner and outer frames.
2. The flowered ornaments in the crown are too big and there is virtually no gap between the small ornament and the larger one.
3. The shading on the cheek is in obvious and uneven lines that start at the chin and angle up towards the hair. The points are spaced rather unevenly.
4. The line that goes from the tip of the chin to the downward angle of the throat is almost straight.  


Album Weeds by Rev. R. B. Earee

The Serrane Guide by Fernand Serrane

The Forged Stamps of all Countries by J. Dorn

Compiled by Bill Claghorn (June 24, 2000)
Text and Image by Richard Ballhagen (July 5, 2000)