Spain 1851. (Scott #9)

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Forgery A

Forgery A

Forgery A

1. The diadem consists of pearl ornaments. There are six small pearls around one large pearl in the center.
2. The "A" and the "L" in REALES are connected at the bottom.
3. The vertical line behind the nose and the vertical line behind the mouth tend in the same direction.
4. There are six dotted lines from throat to chin.
5. There are fourteen dotted neck lines.
The ends of the two lower curved lines of the upper left corner ornament touch each other and the others do not touch each other.

Exists on normal and thin transparent paper.



The Work of Jean De Sperati by the British Philatelic Association 1955

Album Weeds by Rev. R. B. Earee

The Serrane Guide by Fernand Serrane

The Forged Stamps of all Countries by J. Dorn


Hair lines too thick.
Cancel was not used until after this stamp was devalued.
Compiled by Bill Claghorn (July 01, 2000)