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Joseph Bowman Harp Guitar

Time has faded the harp guitar, and today, this magnificent and unique Joseph Bowman Guitar represents the guitar making wizardry in the early 20th century.

Harp guitars were made famous by big names like Gibson, Martin, Lyon & Healy, and the Larson Brothers among others at that time. Harp guitars were originally intended to play light classical music, and it's deep tones were favored by many mandolin orchestras.

However, after World War II, the American music evolved so quickly that the harp guitar was left behind. Even companies that said the harp guitar would eventually replace the six-string abandoned it in search of better markets.

This harp guitar was built by a skilled craftsman and incorporated many original concepts. The Bowman harp guitar has seven tensioned tone rods inside its body. The well-made tuning machines was also designed by Bowman.

The guitar's standard neck features O-shaped and oval pearl markers, while the harp neck has scalloped decorative carvings. The strings of the two necks are attached to separate bridges, and between them is a carved palm rest for the player's right hand.

Click on the image for a complete view of the guitar.





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