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John Wiley Taylor - Co. C.
John was born 4 July 1838 in Grayson County, Virginia
and died 18 July 1915 in Grayson County, Virginia.
courtesy of gr-gr- grand-daughter
Susan Taylor Woodson
John Preston Whitlock - Private - Company K.
Born Circa 1840 in Patrick County, Virginia
Died 17 December 1925 in Kanawha, West Virginia
Captured and took Oath and was sent north to
Kanawha County, Virginia 22 March 1865.
courtesy of gr gr grandson
Greg Whitlock
William Suiter - Private - Company F.
William enlisted in the spring of 1862 in Company F. which was
also known as The Bland Rangers. The 8th Virginia Cavalry
fought mostly in West Virginia, but also saw action in Tennessee,
Kentucky. Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. On July 9, 1864
at The Battle of Monococy in Fredrick, Maryland, William was
wounded in the shoulder by a round ball and left on the field
where he was captured 10 July 1864. He was sent to Ft. McHenry Maryland. He was exchanged 30 October 1864 at Point lookout, Maryland and was paroled 13 May 1865 at Charleston, West
Virginia. After the war he moved back to Wise County, Va. and
around 1875 he move to just east Of Frenchburg, Ky to an
area known as Blow Fly Branch also known as Suiter Branch.
It was said that William never fully recovered from th effects
of his bad treatment as a prisoner of war and he died at the age
of 54. He and his wife are buried not far from where they lived
in Kentucky. The walls of thier cabin are still standing at the old
courtsey of Martin Suiter grgr grandson
Martin Suiter.
Mark Hale Sesler - Private - Company C.
Mark was born 13 March 1835 and enlisted in the
8th Virginia Cavalry on 27 April 1862. He was captured
at the Battle of Monocacy on 9 October 1864 and held
prisioner by the Union Army. He took the Oath of
Allegiance to the U.S. at Point Lookout Maryland  9
June 1865 where he listed his place of residence as
Grayson County, Virginia. After the war he move to
Battle Creek, Nebraska where he opened a harness shop.
Mark died 2 April 1916
courtesy of gr gr great nephew
Keith Sesler
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