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The following information is an excerpt from the book "Tuscaloosa County's Own" pages 100
and 101 and is used by permission of the author   Beasey Hendrixs Jr.   and may not be reused
without his consent.
by Beasey Hendrixs Jr.
        The company of Tuscaloosa Prison Guards was organized at Tuscaloosa and mustered into service
on December 13, 1861, under Captain E. A. Powell, a local attorney. It was organized for local and special
service to guard the Federal prisoners confined at Tuscaloosa. The company was mustered into the service
by Captain Elias Griswold, then commanding the Post. It was organized under an order from Major
General John H. Winder, Inspector General of  Prisons to Major I. L. Calhoun, in Montgomery.
The Federal prisoners confined here had shortly before been moved to this city from Richmond,
Virginia. Most of these prisoners had been captured at First Manassas  (First Bull Run) during July 1861.
The other prisoners had been captured at Shiloh, Tennessee,  during the battle  there on April 6-7, 1862.
The old Tuscaloosa Paper Mill building (River Hill location) was supposed to have been used as
the prison, but there remains a question as to its having been used. Captain Elias Griswold, who had
been ordered here from Richmond for duty with the prisoners, in a letter to  General John H. Winder in
Richmond, wrote that the paper mill building was unsuitable for use for several reasons. Other papers
and letters show  that the Washington Hall  Hotel (First National Bank location) and the Drish Building (
across the street from the hotel, presently on the northwest corner of University Boulevard and Greensboro Avenue) were used to house the prisoners who arrived here in early December.
Captain Henry Wirz, who after the war was tried and hanged for crimes committed against Federal
prisoners at Andersonville Prison in Georgia, was stationed here in Tuscaloosa, until they were removed
and sent across the lines near Chattanooga, Tennessee on June 6, 1862. It is not known if Captain Powell's Company guarded the prisoners on this removal or not, but our city was now without a prison to be guarded.
The company was disbanded and he returned to his law practice. Many of the men joined the newly
reorganized company under Captain C. D. Freeman.
Captain E. A. Powell, Tuscaloosa Guard, December 13, 1861. All enlisted in Tuscaloosa, Ala. on 13 December
1861 by Capt. E. Griswold for the duration of the War.
Name                                                                       Name
        POWELL, E. A. Capt.                                            BECK, Jesse W.
         BURTON, E. M., 1st Lt.                                         BROWN, James
         POWELL, B. F., 2nd Lt.                                         BOLTON, R. F.
         OWEN, Robt. S., 3rd Lt.                                        BOLTON, D. J.
         FREEMAN, C. D. 1st Sgt.                                     BOON, James M.
         SMITH, Tbs. V., 2nd Sgt.                                       BAGGETT, Silas J.
         JONES, Ths. J., 3rd Sgt.                                       BOLTON, P. A.
         MITCHELL, W. P., 4th Sgt.                                    BOYD, James R.
         LUNCEFORD, A. W., 1st Corp.                            BOLTON, Lewis
         LAWRENCE, C. A., 2nd Corp.                              BRADFORD, John B.
         SHIRLEY, Eli W., 3rd Corp.                                   BOLTON, W. S.
         FOSTER, Thomas J., 4th Corp.                           BYRNES, D. D.
         Privates                                                                    CHILDERS, Abner
         ATKINS, Abner                                                        CLEMENTS, Ths. J.
         ABSTON, John                                                        CLEMENTS, Newton
         ARNOLD, Bernard                                                  CLARK, W. I.
         ARGO, John                                                             CLARK, Samuel
         ATWELL, Benjamin                                                CLARK, Newton M.
         ATWELL, W.W.                                                        COCKER, M. F.
         BRADFORD, E.W.                                                   CHRISTIAN, Edward
        CHRISTIAN, W.W.                                                  MAKEY, John A. J.
         CLARK, Jesse                                                        MARONEY, Geo. W.
         DURRETT, W.L.                                                     MATHEWS, L. T.
         DILL, Ezekiel                                                           MOORE, A. S.
         DOSS, Benj. A.H.                                                    MOORE, G. A.
         DAVIS, W.C.                                                             NOLEN, M. M.
         EMERSON, Wm. T.                                                OLIVE, E. D.
         ENGLEBERT, Rowland W.                                  PEARCE, A. R.
         ENGLEBERT, Young J.                                        PEARCE, W. S.
         ELLIS, E.C.                                                              PARKER, Isham Newton
         FINDLEY, Evan                                                       PRICE, John
         GRAY, John B.E.                                                     PRICE, Joseph
         GRAY, James T.                                                     PLOWMAN, John W.
         GEESLIN, A.J.                                                         PATTERSON, John G.
         GEESLIN, J.M.                                                        ROBERTSON, Henry
         GOING, DeWesley                                                 RATCLIFF, Mark
         GRIM, R.A.                                                                RENFROE, John F.
         HARRIS, Amos                                                       REED, W. F.
         HILL, Levi L.                                                            SAVAGE, Wm.
         HILL, W.L.                                                                SHIRLEY, Albert
         HUGHS, Marion                                                      SIMS, James
         HERING, Pinckney                                                 SHACKLEFORD, Joseph
         HAMNER, Marion                                                    SIMMS, Kelly
         JONES, W.Z.                                                            SNYDER, Samuel
         JOHNSON, Thomas M.                                          SEXTON, John
         JONES, John Q.                                                       SHELBY, James R.
         JOHNSON, E.B.                                                        SHIRLEY, John S.
         LOGGINS, James N.                                               STIERS, Henry
         LANCASTER; E.R.                                                   STRICKLAND, Peyton
         LANGLEY, Wm.                                                        STRICKLAND, Wm.
         LANGLEY, E.M.                                                         THOMPSON, Robert
         MAKEY, Daniel                                                          WATKINS, Howell  A.
         MOORE, B.D.                                                             WRIGHT, James A..
         MURPHY, Cornelius                                                 WRIGHT, George W
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