The Myth of the LowLanders

The Myth of the LowLanders

"..For a long time they dwelled around the earth.."


"....And they were happy to know that their were similar minded people in the world."


The legendary shoe horn. Every LowLander is in the possession of one.

Even after 900 years, the logo hasn't changed and is still carried by all the members.

The following text is a summarized translation of an old manuscript, carefully kept in the possession of the LowLanders. It's a translation of the socalled "Kronieckschryvinge der Laaglanders (Chronicles of the LowLanders)", written in about 1120 A.D. by an unknown writer.
"....For a long time they dwelled round the earth, alone, searching. They did not know anything of eachother's existance. They were small in number and although they were very different, they had one common feature: They were immortal . On one mysterious day, all of them headed to the lowlands, located east of the sea and north of the rivers. It was on that day, the 11th of November 1111 A.D. that all of them, driven by faith or another mysterious force, asked to spend the night in an old monestary. One by one they knocked on the heavy oaked door of the monestary, asking for shelter for the heavy storms.
Soon, they sat together, gathered round the fire and probably because of the beer that floated in their veins, they started to talk about their common secret. Big was everyone's surprise to hear that they were truly brothers! That night, the Guild of the LowLanders was formed, on 11:11 PM on the 11th of November, 1111. They performed rituals on themselves to strengthen the bond between the members of the Guild and they planned to search for more brothers to let them become a member of the Guild.
The next day the abbot of the monestary had shocking news. In the old library, he found a manuscript, describing a man, called "Yservuur", who seemed to have the same immortality as the LowLanders. He was captured by the reign Agarleb III and was sentenced to death. Great was the surprise of Agarleb when he saw Yservuur couldn't be killed. He promised a big reward for anyone who could. After many attempts, one day a mysterious man came, dressed in black, with a black cap covering his eyes. He claimed he could kill Yservuur. When he stood in front of Yservuur he said: "I will be the only one !" He fetched a strange weapon, a shoe horn from underneath his cloak and killed Yservuur, who saw the fire of evil burning in the eyes of the man dressed in black.
All LowLanders exclaimed: "Danger!". They knew they could one day be a victim. After a long search, they found a way to create weapons for themselves, the infamous shoe horns . They created one for every LowLander to defend themselves against all evil trying to break their brotherbond. From that day they carried a logo, a shoe horn with the aesculape of medical knowledge on their chests, and they do this until this day...."


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