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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It was great getting news of Fl soccer. My son used to play for clearwater chargers. It was a great experience for all of us with a really great club. We are always interested in finding out how things are going for them as well as the high school programs. My son is still young (middle school). We moved north for what was to be a three year period. Before we left, the head coach at chargers told us to be picky about the club we chose for Dylan. He was very good and they said that because of his level of play, we should have our choice of competitive leagues. Unfortunately, there is only one very poor "travel" league in our small area. In all honesty, the rec programs have better coaching but less playing time. Needless to say, we are disappointed and concerned about ways for Dylan to keep up his game. He loves the game and our neighborhood has an abandoned (can you believe that) soccer field. Dylan and my husband take the mower and mow it and practice skills. However, we realize that that can not take the place of the level of training he received in FL. Well, enough of my whining - the intent was to really thank you for a highlight to our day. We will revisit your site regularly. nancy and crew

Greetings from Lehigh Acres, Florida!

My name is Jaime, and I'm the Assistant Soccer Coach for a youth soccer team called the "STRYKERS".

I visited your homepage (Very Cooooool!) while I was browsing the Net. I had sent an email to this address requesting current Soccer Rules and Regulations, but I'm not sure if you received my email.

Could you please fax to my attention today if possible, the FYSA Soccer Rules & Regulations, and any updates for this season. Fax to: (941) 369-7246

I would also like to request my team, "STRYKERS" of Lehigh Acres, Florida to be added to the list of Youth Soccer Teams on your Web site.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Jaime Merizalde 76615.2706@CompuServe.COM

Two years ago my daughter's team played the Shasta Margate Blitz 81 in the Atlanta Cup. My wife and our team manager had a wonderful conversation with Shasta's coach. Now we want to reach them but can't remember their name, address, etc. Can you help? Please e-mail me the coach's or manager's name, or association contact, with address, phone, etc. if you can find the information. If you can't, please e-mail that informaton to me as well. Thanks for your help. Art Bowman Brookwood Steamers awbowman@cris.com

Return-Path: pgm40@nettally.com Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 20:27:28 -0700 From: pgm40@nettally.com (Mills, Pam) To: kicknballs@nettally.com Subject: State Cup '96-97 Can you tell me the dates and location for 1996-97 State Cup? And the Region D challenge round dates/location if you know them? Thanks alot for any info you have.

Return-Path: philk@miles33.co.uk Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 18:12:52 +0100 From: Phil Kirkham philk@miles33.co.uk Organization: Miles 33 To: "Scott, Thomas" kicknballs@nettally.com Subject: Guest Spot


I've put your tips as a new coaching page on my site, with appropriate credits and links to all your pages.

Looks like I'm gonna be in need of all the tips I can get. The 'coach' of my girls team has quit and I've been asked to take over. Bit of a jump from 'helping out' to running the whole thing. Still, gotta give it a go and might get some good stories for my pages !

Cheers again for the tips

-- Phil Kirkham - philk@miles33.co.uk my soccer page - http://www.reocities.com/Colosseum/3562 "I care that I look elegant when I'm playing" - Frank Leboeuf, Chelsea

Hi Tom Thanks for the results . I will add your link under "contributors " on the TOP PERFORMERS page. I visited your site and think its great. Keep the ball moving my friend. We welcome your contributions Paul



Dear Sirs, Reading your pages on internet interested us to send you a mail. We are two Dutch students sportseconomics (Sportmanagement) from Tilburg and seeking employment as a student trainee in the United States. Soccer is our specialty. We love to play it and also to participate in soccer organizations. We hope maybe you can get us usefull adresses or sugestions for a trainee-period as a finish of our study in Florida. We have to do some research inside a sportsinstitute. When you have any suggestions and ideas for two dutch students who have a large knowledge of soccer and are coming from the best soccer nation in the world (think of Ajax, Cruijff, Gullit and Marco van Basten) please return a mail to us and we'll keep in touch!With kind regards, Frank van Overbeek & Paul Daman

Frank van Overbeek Paul Daman Klaverstraat 51 5025 MC Tilburg The Netherlands Tel: 013-5362419 E-mail: J.M.C.Berkhout@kub.nl Dear Thomas Scott, Thank you very much for answering our mail yesterday! You are one of the first who is sending us a mail back, we sent many more last weeks. In this mail we will explain the goals for our trainee-period. First of all we are two students at a "Universiy of Arts" with a specialization in sportseconomics (sportsmanagement). It's a rather new study in Holland. Our main subjects are marketing, business- economics and sport & society. The major goal of the study is to create sportsmanagers who can work in companies and organizations such as Ajax, Feyenoord, the stadiums of these teams, sports councils on local or higher government, sportsorganizations as the Dutch Royal Soccer Union or the Dutch Olympic Commitee and companies like Nike, Reebok and Adidas. Our interest is more with the professional soccer teams. The trainee- period we are looking for must last four or five months and start in August or September 1996. So, we have got to be fast in finding a workplacement. The goal for our study in the trainee-period is to study a sportsorganization and do a research project inside the organization. We can help them with several things, also because our large knowledge of the great game called soccer, like setting up business plans, do market/competitors/consumers research and organizing soccer events. Here in Holland we have already organized a street soccer tournement and we have organized a survival camp in Belgium for 200 students. After finishing this trainee-period we have to make a paper of the research-project for both the company and our university. We are very interested in the Tampa Bay Mutiny. Of course we also see them play on dutch television. Already we sent two mails to their head coach Thomas Rongen because he is from our little country too. But we didn't received any answer yet. Today we are going to try to mail to your friend John Siner. We are absolutely positive that we can be a part of this organization for five months and do something very usefull. Your idea of the universities and summer camps is also a good one. We are going to try that too because we really wanna go to FLORIDA! We hope that you will come up with something for us, but in the meanwhile we are trying your suggestions too. When we will go to FLORIDA we will bring 100 Dutch blond girls with us of course. They are the best in the world and very good for the Americans we think. They are our best "National Product". And you are right about the parties Dutch and Irish people can make. By the way, the big European Championship is starting in one week in England. We think Holland will win the cup by eleminating Germany in the finals by 10-0. We hope you feel the same way!!!!Well, thank you again for your answer and keep in touch with us the next days/weeks. With kind regards, Frank & Paul

Please pass this e-mail on to Vinny Gill. Hello Vinny. Greetings to you from Denmark. I have heard, that you reached one step further in the play-off with the boys varsity soccer team at Rickards High School last year. Congratulations with that. How is it going with you as a coach at Thomas College. Hopefully you are as a succesfull coach as during your time coaching soccer at Rickards. Personally I am not playing soccer right now due to a torn ligament in my right knee (I went through surgery in June 1996, and should be able to start playing soccer again in February 1997). I have got a job as a sales representative at the Danish market for the NCH Corporation Inc. which is an American owned company based in Dallas, Texas. My girlfriend and I plan to travel to Tallahassee for a week or two during the spring of 1997 to visit the Rauschenberg family and to see your wonderfull Capital of Florida once again. You can contact me at the following e-mail address: MOKA11@UNV.VIBORHS.DK to let me know how you are doing with coaching soccer at Thomas College. See you later (hopefully) Steen Nielsen Gl. Aarhusvej 187 C DK-8800 Viborg Denmark

Hi Guys , My name is John McNally and I am currently living and working ( and of course playing soccer) in Johannesburg, South Africa.I am originally from Dublin, Ireland but have been living here awhile. I have always been interested in going over to the states to study and play soccer but somehow things always seemed to get in the way(you know how it is!) But anyway, I saw your homepage and I decided to give you a shout and get some more information. My problem is that I will be 22 yrs of age in November, does this rule me out ? I hope not but any advice you may have , I would really appreciate. My e-mail address is : coventry@cis.co.za If you could acknowledge asap please as I am a "newbie" to the net and I'm not sure if I'm sending e-mails correctly yet! I look forward to hearing from you, Regards, John McNally.

Hi!I am from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,and I want to know how can I study and play soccer in Flórida?I am 17 years old and I love soccer. Write back, Eduardo Tross Moore. moodura@mtec.com.br

Return-Path: emanolis@ix.netcom.com Date: Sun, 09 Jun 1996 10:49:11 -0400 From: "Elias A. Manolis" emanolis@ix.netcom.com To: kicknballs@nettally.com Subject: Soccer Leagues I am writing to you to find out information on any soccer leagues in the Tampa Bay area. I am 25, I just moved down here from NY. I played in college at the University of Buffalo and most recently in the Long Island Senior Football League for the Mineola Italians (B-division, semi-pro). I am willing to travel to play. If you know of any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You, -Elias A. Manolis

At 01:49 PM 11/14/96 -0500, you wrote: Hello. My name is Michael Dunlap. I am a former college player at URI now living in Daytona Beach. I was wondering how or who I would get in touch with to coach either a H.S. team or a club team. also are there any men's leagues in my area? I have played all over the world and would love to continue to play, or coach. Any help would be appriciated. Thanx, Michael Howdy! My phone # is (904) 258-6725. I would appreciate any help on getting into the coaching scene in FL. I coached an U-15 for two years up in RI, and have asst. with a lot of other teams. I'm a GK so even if the coaching positions are full I can still help out the keepers. I worked for Machnik's GK camp for 4 yrs, Plus coached at 3 other camps.

would like to find a purely recreational adult league. i live in lake worth just south of downtown west palm. know of any? thanks for your help. blcran@aol.com

Hi Soccer fan ! I just by chance ran into your Soccer page and remembered that I wanted to find out about adult soccer tournaments in Florida during the winter. I used to be the manager and coach of the competitive Soccer team of my former University in Germany and we had the idea to have kind of a reunion playing a tournament (2-4 days) at some interesting location. The team would now consist of alumni and still enroled students of which most players at least used to play for higher level club teams, 3rd to 5th (out of 10) German division. During my time at the school we played tournaments in many different countries, including the US (ElPaso, Texas '90). We thought about Florida because of its acceptble winter climate and the 'relatively low' traveling costs (as opposed to other areas in the US). If you know or find out about Adult tournaments, esp. in the Miami area around NewYear, please let me know. And if you don't, thanks anyway ... GunNAr


dear sir I will be visting florida (saint petersburgh) during christmasof this year. whilst on holiday i would like to referee a couple of games so i could compare how it is different from the game in england. I would be most grateful if you could send me some literature reguarding leagues/competitions in this part of florida

many thanks gawain

This is an excellent site, and I'm glad to see we have one. Could our organization please be included with a link we would be happy to cross link you from our site if you'd like. Al Fichera, President Soccer Resource Group, Inc. 5824 Bee Ridge Rd., Suite 329 Sarasota, FL 34233 1-800-805-8213 Ext 10 1-941-921-1406 Ext 10 Fax 941-921-2696 email: ajf@soccerworld.com website: http://www.soccerworld.com website Description: The FREE White and Yellow Pages of Soccer. Find the Soccer Player, Soccer Coach, and Soccer Business you're looking for. Sponsored by Umbro, The West Florida Fury, Tony Waiters, and the USISL.

You are the only internet site that I have found that seems to cover the real aspects of soccer--unfortunately, our state assoc. only offers info. on tournaments,etc. I am looking for a schedule of upcoming coaching clinics/seminars which would give certificates (f,e,d,c,b,a) within the state of Florida and no one seems to offer this info. Any chance you could/ would do so? The state org. magazine "Touchline" does have occasional info. in this area but my experience is that it is usually sent out the week of the clinic. Too late to do anyone any good. HELP!!!!! Thanks in advance --you provide a great service. Bsocrun@a0l.com

How Do I become an offical ref. in Florida?

Bruce Banko Luvnovels@aol.com

I would like to know when the next recertification classes are in the Jacksonville area. I was out of town last week and could not attend the classes. Please let me know.

Thanks, Kevin Morrow kkm@ix.netcom.com

I have heard that several girsl on the Satellite High soccer team have received scholarship offerss--I guess the scholarships are hitting the mail. Is there a location where we can see how Florida players are doing in the college scholarship sweepstakes--a great motivator for younger players and parents alike. Thanks. fsornatale@phonetech.com

Indi wrote: Goodmorning, My name is Philippe"indi"De Ridder - indi@hello-net.e - belgium full badge youth soccer coach, 32 years old, former U-12 to under 21 International player(captain), played the uropean championship U-18 in England, former pro.,1rst div.,-still good player, foundator of the Lions Soccer Academy in Brussels. American Coaching experiances: Hills Soccer Camp-NJ, Premier Soccer Academy & Randolph High School-NJ - Boys & Girls. American resident, I speak fluently English, French, Dutch with a knowledge of Spanish & Italian, and I need some help: in 2 or 4 weeks, I would like to check out how it's like in Florida but...Idon't have any contacts or adresses where to go. I would like to found a room-mate for 4 to 6 weeks, in a city or town with a lot of soccer activities. If you could help me in anyway, I would be one of the happiest man on earth (ha,ha,ha!). I will own you a big favour. Thank you in advance. Any contact will be welcome.

To whom it may concern:

I am looking for an email address for the Tampa Sun Bowl Youth Tournament in December. I have the contact person and phone # but was wondering if there was email addresses I could use to obtain information for activities in the community for our athletes to participate in after their games. I'd also like a list of restaurants fast food etc. near the fields that the tournament uses.

Thank you for your assistance

Elaine Eastep

Again we send you a mail because we haven't heard from you since we sent more information. We hope you have found some information for us in the meanwhile.

We have contact with the Tampa Bay Mutiney. We mailed the president(!) Farukh Quaraishi and he asked us to send back our resumes. So of course we did but since then nothing happened. This is a pitty, because time pressure of our University is growing. Our teachers are getting angry with us because we haven't got anything yet. Maybe you can ask your friend John Siner about the Tampa Bay.

We still hope you can do something for us and waiting for your next mail.

Then something else. You saw the European Championship Soccer yet? The Dutch are getting better and better every game. First 0-0 against Scotland (dissapointing) and then a great 2-0 win against Switserland. Tonight the big game at Wembley against England. Nothing is better to beat the English players in that stadium.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the soccer in Europe and maybe we hear from you soon!


Paul and Frank

Hi; This is something I am hoping that you can help with. I am in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from January 5 through to January 12. This is to participate in the NSCAA Coaching Academy for my National Diploma. However I am a University coach in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and would like some information as to things to see or do in the area as

to soccer. Good Games; where I could look at scholorship candidates. A Nice Bar to see some games with other addicts. Some associations that I could discuss Coaching with. Anything else? Dave daveju@telusplanet.net

we visited your site and would like to thank you very much for posting our information. we will let you know the results of the tournament! our web site will be completed soon and we will post our site address when it is finished. happy holidays from the pensacola soccer complex! play@pensacola-soccer.com

Florida Soccer Net is a great idea! Thanks for putting the homepage together.

There is a homepage that addresses soccer in Gainesville. It has been under construction for about a year and it still needs some work. Maybe you would like to take information from it instead of using it as a link. I don't know if the guy who does the page intends to update/complete it or not, but I'll find out. Anyway it is: http://www.ise.ufl.edu/~albusair/soccer/soccer.html

I'll try to send you more up-to-date info on Gainesville United. We also have an Over-40 team called the Gainesville Immortals. We will be competing in the State Cup next month--there are 10-12 other Over-40 teams in Florida. I'll try to get information to you about all of them.

Jay Humphreys

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