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New Brunswick


Jerri Park

Jerri park is a concrete, outdoor skatepark that is in montreal. It has a great bowl and a huge hip. Check it out if your there, you don't want to miss it


Sarnia park

Sarnia has an excellent concrete skatepark. Its main atraction a round bowl. To get more information on this park email to



Archibald Skatepark

Archibald Skatepark is located in Saskatoon right by the river in a old hockey arena. It is run throughout the summer by the city. It consists of many 1/2 pipe, a mini ramp, a rail, many boxs and a pyramid in the center of the park. If you would like to more information on this park please email to this homepage.Craig B


British Columbia

Abbotsford Skate Park

The park is full of incredible terrian. It includes a half pipe, a table top, a huge launch ramp and a snake run to a 5 foot deep by 31 foot diameter bowl. Lots of rad hits to be done there. Also, check with the local shop, Grandma's Skates and Snowboards for other spots in the area.

Penticton Skatepark

The park in Penticton rules on a hot summer day with downtown close and the beach just blocks away. It consists of a fine pyramid,a bank around the park , and a excellent bowl

White Rock

White Rock has one of the biggest skateparks in Canada. It is located at 146th street and 20th ave.
If you would like to add to this list please mail me a detailed description on info of your area, parks ,shops, and scenes,thank you. Comments,suggestions, or Image help

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