World Football Management is a project started by a bored university of Luton student. Having a keen interest in football and supporting Tottenham. I have played many computer football games. Football games can be broken down into 2 categories, the first is the arcade style like the Fifa range of games. The second is the management style which of course Championship Manager is the flagship title. The only problem is that I have always longed for a management style of game that had a full blown 3D graphics football engine in it. I know that some firms have tried this, Premier Manager by Gremlin is one. But having played games of this type I have always thought that they have not really done enough to the 3D engine that shows the match. In the case of Premier Manager, all Gremlin seem to have done is strip down Actua Soccer to it's bare bones and incorporate that poor version into their management game. This makes watching the matches in Premier Manager pointless because you gain no information from the match. The game that I would like WFM to become is one where every team is controlled by a human manager on-line and that managers aren't bogged down with statistics. Instead of this I want managers to be able to run training sessions with their players. Then to judge how good the players are from observing and managing the training session, just like in real life. Basically I would like WFM to be as close to real life as it can possibly get. It's a mammoth task and so I'm asking anyone to register if you feel you can help this project in some way.