From the very formative days of our life, we are educated, first by our parents, then our teachers enter the equation, we learn from our peers and our workmates.

Our education is ongoing and never ending, for those who are members of the NFCA your association is another step in the process of that education.

You have  made a decision to become a Coach and you must be aware of your responsibilities, to yourself, your family, and the players you coach, the coaching staff you are a part of and the coaches within the association that you are part of.

Remember we are here to help you become the best coach you can be, not to introduce insurmountable hurdles that will deter you from coaching for the rest of your life.

The Football Coaching Certification Process The following is the process of certification as produced by the NFCA, it has been structured to help, not hinder your progress through all levels, each level runs into the other and is a natural progression.


The Basic Requirement Module (BRM) is the first stage of the NFCA's education program. The aim of the BRM is to ensure that all coaches in or preparing to enter the profession will have been provide d with the material that enables them to apply general coaching principles and teach basic football rules, skills and tactics in a safe and competent manner.


Coaching responsibilities, Communication Skills, Teaching and learning principles, Basic offensive skills Basic defensive skills Introduction to special teams Tactics, Practice scheduling Safety Officials and the Rules The BRM is a home study course to be completed by the coach and then returned to the NFCA office for assessment. The coach receives a book entitled "The rookie coaches football guide" and a worksheet. The book is resource material for the worksheet. Upon completion the coach will receive a certificate verifying that the coach has completed the BRM. BRM costs £15.00 this includes your membership to the NCF (National Coaches Foundation) which also includes a Third party liability insurance.

Note : At the NFCA AGM in November 1993 it was decided unanimously by the membership that, "upon becoming a member of the NFCA, that a member must take and complete the BRM within twelve months of joining

Level Two Positional Coach

To achieve level two you will be expected to complete the following modules and one positional module of your choice.

a. Warm-up and stretch.

b. Safety.

c. The responsibility of the Coach.

d. Philosophy.

e. Lesson plan.

f. Care and prevention of injury.

g. Rules relevant to position.

A log book of coaching sessions must be kept and will be used in your assessment. You will also be expected to demonstrate your coaching abilities and will be asked to perform Three assignments which will be monitored by an assessor.

Level Three Co-ordinator

To achieve level Three you will be expected to complete all modules in either Special Teams, Defense or Offense and also Team play for that particular role. A practical assessment is not required for this level but you will be required to produce your coaching log book. If you are not a co-ordinator for a Team at the time of sending in your module you will be required to provide a co-ordinators lesson plan.

Level Four Head Coach

To achieve level Four you will be required to have passed Two of the Three co-ordinator modules. You will also be required to produce your Log book.

Email the Executive Director, Craig "Chip" Buttery for more details

Source books :

Play Football the NFL Way by Tom Bass this is available from NFCA office Tel no 01642 649009. Cost £15.00

Football Coaching Strategies - this is available from Human Kinetics Tel no 0113 2781708 Cost £12.95