B.A.F.C.A T-Shirt Appeal


Dear Coach/Football Fan, 
American Football here in England is currently trying to address the development of Football, our development plan has highlighted several key points that require our attention but to do so we require funds to push the initiative forward and therefore ensure the survival of this great sport. 
Football here is classed as a minority sport and therefore ranks very low on the priority list of sports identified for grant aid. Sponsorship is also very hard to obtain as it is difficult to prove to potential sponsors that we can raise the companiesí profile in the same way that Soccer or Rugby can. 
The T-shirt appeal is a way in which we feel people can see something for the money that they are constantly asked to part with. I am appealing to the Football Community in American to help us with our Crusade, at present we have around 3,000 participants in Great Britain and as you can imagine this is a limited catchment. Even if all 3,000 people bought a T-shirt we would fall well short of the money that we require to get football back on its feet, therefore we would like to appeal to the People of America, who would probably have 3,000 participants in one city, to help. 
The main areas to targeted are as follows: 
    Youth participation. 
    Coach education and development. 
    Grant funding. 
    International Programme. 
As you can imagine we will need to raise a substantial amount of funds, to this end we have set ourselves a target in terms of T-shirts and this figure is 50,000. We have already received two emails pledging their support with one coach donating 20 Helmets and 30 sets of shoulder pads, this is a major shot in the arm for our organisation. 
For any British Coaches, Players or fans of the game you to can help here in Britain we are selling the T-shirts for £10.00 + postage. If you are an ex-player who has equipment to donate please contact me. This equipment will be put to good use. 
I thank you all in anticipation of your suport. 
Yours in sport 
Chip Buttery 
Executive Director 

CHIPBUTTERY@NFCA.octacon.co.uk or dk@damon.idiscover.co.uk