The Football Coaches Association Talks with ............

It is always fascinating to talk with other coaches, to find out how things are done around the U.S and the world.

We are always interested in your story, No matter what your expirence or where you coach. It also provides a place to find new friends and contacts in the coaching community.

Click on the names below to read their stories.

James D Hartel  former Head Coach London Olympians, England

Kyle Johnson, Eastern Hancock H.S, In, USA

Craig Buttery, Executive Director, NFCA, Gateshead Senators, England

Dan Hawkins, Williamette University, Or, USA

John Skiffington, Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, VA

Chris Merritt, Hamburg Blue Devils, Germany

Please Mail Damon at is you wish to share you story, Send a brief football resume, so I can ask questions more relavent to you.