Scouting your opponent

In Britain it is very rare that a team has video tape of another opponent, I would like to hear from coaches how to best scout an opponent, but you can not make any refences to watching game film.

Tell us how to detect weakness's on offense, defense and special teams.

What information is important to note down e.g.

Email Me me how you do (or would if you didn't have video) scout an opponent, what you look for and how you capitalise on what you see.


Game Day

Another area where British Coaches are way behind our American Collegues is game day adjustments. Whilst this comes with experience, I'm sure certain coaches look for certain things on game day. For Example quickly identifying your opponents defense and knowing the strengths and weaknesses.

If anyone has information to help improve this side of our coaching, please email me

My email address is   (Damon Kirby)

Mail from Kyle Johnson

Great idea! What I usually ask my scouts to do is to

1. look for individual players who are very good or fast.

2. look for best or favorite plays.

I want to know the biggest and trick plays and all touchdown plays. Defensively I want to know fronts, coverages, and blitzes. I also want to know what they do on special teams.


Mail from Rob Wilson

We take a cassette tape recorder to opponents games. On every down we give the down, distance, hashmark, and position on the field. We then give the formation and backfield set, any line action and the play. Third we give the result of the play.

For Example: first and ten at the negative 23 yard line, left hash. Slot I right, FB at 2 power +3 yards.

This way we have a record of the entire game that we can breakdown later at our leisure. This also makes key players and favorite plays readily apparent.

To scout their defense we note alignments and shifts in alignment along with what the opposing offense is doing at the time to help us figure out what is keying their shifts so we can use them to our advantage. We also pay special attention to their secondary to notice things like how they cover, how they respond to motion, how they respond to play action passes. We try to note how well their LBs and DL read (if at all) and what they are reading.

Hope this helps, Rob Wilson