Make money with your Paypal account by selling spots on your mailing list.
You must buy a spot on 4 mailing lists before you sell spots on your own list.
To ensure that the people you are paying to be added to their lists have paid,
send an email to the 3 people under the top email asking if ( top email address )
is on their Paypal mailing list. If they are on their lists then send the $2 payment
to be added to their lists with "Please add me to your mailing list" in the subject line.

Mailing List #1

Mailing List #2

Mailing List #3

Mailing List #4

After verifying and paying to be added to the mailing lists, Copy and paste this email.
Then add your email address in the Mailing List #1 spot, move each of the others
down one spot and remove the last one. Then send the new email out to as many
people as you can. Create a mailing list in your address book and save all email addresses
that have paid to be added. As the list grows, so will the $'s

Good Luck! :-)