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Hello and welcome to my special pages!! These are pages specially dedicated to all my wonderful cyber buddies!!!  So, sit back and let me introduce them to you!!!!

This spot is for a special friend....bhelm/mickey AKA Barbara!!  Over the last few months Barbara has become the greatest friend i could ask for!!

This is Barbara and Brianna! Such a cutie! Love the name too!!!

This is her beautiful daughter Becca!!

Barbara and her handsome son Tony!

Brianna and Tony

This is Frazzled_mom_of3 AKA Niki!!  I can't begin to tell you all we have in comman....down to birthdays in our familys. Both our husbands are truck drivers too!!

These are her beautiful kids!!!

I'd like you to meet a newly expanded family! This is Connie914 and CB's family. AKA Connie and Charles.  I dont have any pics of them yet...but i'd like you to meet there beautiful kids!!!

This is Raelyn Marie...there newest  addition!  She was born June 12th at 6:32pm!  Wieghing 8 pounds 9.4 ounces and 20 inches long! 

This is Twingles97 AKA Sharlene!!  One of my first friends on the computer!! And this is her big family!! 4 kids, just like me! Only she has a set of twins!!!!

More pics