I have recently bought a scanner.....so here are some new pics i have scanned to share with you!!

Well, I  got the pictures back. So lets see how they look!!!!!
What a HUGE difference it makes to scan them instead of using the photo disk!!!!

This pictures was very DIFFICULT to get!!!  Actually, they all were!!!  We took what was left...and my two babies didn't  cooperate!!!

And that's it!!! Out of 25 shots, that's what we got!!! Want to see more??? Meet me back here in about 3-4 years! LOL!!!

These are my beautiful girls NEW SPRING pictures from school!!!!

Now for some pictures I picked to try out the new scanner!!! I hope you like them!!!  These pictures are all different ages.....

This is my beautiful grandmother (Mom Mom) whom I love with all my heart!  Isn't she just so beautiful!

This one is my favorite of her.

Doesn't she look like a movie star here!

Me and my sister!!! Isn't she beautiful!

November 1993...our first picture together after we were married!

This is my Senior picture
*~Class of 92~*
I had to scan it from a yearbook, i didn't get any copies of my own!  So it just has to do!!! :0)  And no, I'm not really all pink and blotchy!!!

This is Krystal, she is a very close personal friend of my familys! She is a SENIOR in High School and an all around great person!!
Class of 2001!!!

Here I am at 17!

We were walking through the mall one night, and the ladies at Expressly Portraits (photo studio) asked me if they could take a few pictures of my red head for a scavenger hunt they were doing! And this was my free 11X14!!!!!

I only had ONE copy of this picture! And didn't have it on her page, so I am now able to share it!