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The Maltese Islands

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Malta is the place for sun worshippers wanting peaceful friendly surroundings. It is a treasure trove of arts, history and stark beauty out of all proportion to its size.

The Maltese Islands, situated in the Mediterranean 100 km from Sicily and 290 km from North Africa, consist of Malta (390 square km). Gozo (65) and Comino (2.5).

INGENSAMPLECTITUR AGGER = Embraced by bastions.

Dear Bormlizi, St.George's Football Club president and the committee are urging all St. George's supporters either who live in Malta or abroad to send their Christmas present to the Club. This will help the Club to strengthen the team during January, especially with the engagement of a strong and promising foreign forward. Your financial help is needed so that St. George's remain with the top 10 Clubs in Malta! Send your donation to : Chris Agius: 12, St. Theresa Str,Cospicua,Malta. Tel: +00356 21661092 Mob +0035699454250

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Bormla from Bir-Mula: The well of the Lord. In1722 Grand master Zondadari declared it a city and in view of its strong bastions named it Citta Cospicua. In 1776 the Order of St. John started to construct a dock. This was the turning point in Cospicua's history, as from then on Cospicua became known for its docks.

Cospicua or Bormla, as it is known in Maltese, the largest of the Three Cities forming Cottonera (Cospicua-Vittoriosa-Senglea). Across the Grand Harbour. Being in the target area around the Malta Dockyard was severely hit during the Second World War. It's outer defenses, (bastions) the Cottonera Lines, are worth visiting. The opulence of it's Church of the Immaculate Conception has to be seen to be believed.

Information below was taken from: ENCYCLOP�DIA BRITANNICA

Town, eastern Malta, one of the Three Cities (the others being Senglea and Vittoriosa), at the head of Dockyard Creek, just south of Valletta across Grand Harbour. It developed as a suburb of Vittoriosa in the mid-16th century and was a thriving settlement (known as Bormla) before it was severely damaged by the Turks in the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. It was rebuilt and refortified after 1565 and benefitted economically from the shipping activities of the Hospitalers (Knights of Malta). Although many old buildings and most residential sections were destroyed in World War II, the Galley Houses of the knights, the parish church (1637), and a nearby oratory (1731) survived. There are ship-repair yards. Pop. (1990 est.) 7,838.


St.George's Pioneers of Maltese Civilian Football. St.George's-The Pioneers of Maltese Civilian Football.

Traditionally the Pioneers of Maltese Football, St. George's were formed by the amalgamation of three teams, St. Andrew's, St. George's and Santa Margerita, which were set up in Cospicua during the last 15 years of the 19th Century. The name chosen for the present team was St. George's and the official foundation date is 1890. During the first years of the 20th Century they were known as Civilian Champions. The best Season for the Cospicua team was 1916-17 during which St.George's won the 'double' by being crowned League Champions and Knock Out Cousis Shield Winners. The most ancient photo of St. George's shows the team after beating Floriana in 1894.

The statue of the Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception, the patron Saint of Cospicua. The feast of the Immaculate Conception, the patron Saint of Cospicua (Bormla) is held solemnly on the 8th December. Religious functions are held in the sanctuary at the parish church and celebrations in the streets of Cospicua. The climax being the procession with the devout statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This artistic statue attributed to Sister Maria De Domenici was originally carved in wood in the 17th century but modified and made of silver in Milan in the year 1905 as designed by local artist Abram Gatt on the occasion of crowning the Titular painting of Our Lady, the main piece at the Cospicua Parish Church.

Bormla during the Regatta.

The Regatta

The Regatta is a typical Maltese Sport because in this event held in September to commemorate the Great Siege Victory of 1565 and it is held on the 31 st March - Freedom Day. Typical Maltese boats like frejgatini, kajjikki and dghajjes take part. The Regatta is the main event for the traditional Maltese boat ( id-dghajsa ). These colourful boat races are popular with the Maltese, especially in the Three Cities of Cottonera, Marsa,Kalkara and Marsamxett, the districts which compete in this Regatta.Presentation of the Aggregate Shield.

The colours of Cospicua are blue and white stripes and this district won fame in the races before the second world war and holds the record to date by winning the Regatta Aggregate Shield16 times.

Presentation of the Aggregate Shield =>

Band Club

St. George Band Club Painting of St. George .

Cottonera in the Eurovision." The one that I love."


Sunny Aquilina
Muzika Jason Cassar
Tkanta Chiara
Copyright � 1997, Sunny Aquilina & Jason Cassar

Chiara Placed 3rd in the Euroision.

� 1997, Jason Cassar


Chiara In the Green Room.

Chiara, Sunny, Jason. Cospicua is proud of you.

Thank you.

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Church on feast day.Cospicua Band.Immaculate Conception at Malta Drydocks.During the Feast.

Saint Tereza's Church Pope John Paul ll is wellcomed in Cospicua.Pope John Paul ll in Cospicua.

Parish Church.Saint Tereza.

Saint Tereza Church.

Maria Bormliza's Photo Album.

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