"Mystic" - My Sailboat

MYSTIC is a 1975 Pearson 28 sailboat. Up until Oct. 1996, Mystic had spent her entire life in the fresh water of a large Texas lake near our home. (photo). As a result, she is still in very good condition for a 25 year old sailboat. Mystic still has her original sails, she has a very well balanced helm and is a great sailing boat.

We sailed Mystic out of Rockport, TX. from 1996 thru 1999. Mystic is currently back home in fresh water, only 15 minutes from my home. After 3 years of driving 7 hours round trip between Rockport and where we live, I finally had to admit I could not keep "Mystic" maintained well enough when she was that far away...to where she was reliable to use when I wanted to cruise. Between hail storms, saltwater, barnacles and tropical depressions I wasn't even able to keep up with the Cetol maintenance schedule. So "Mystic" is now back home for a refit, 15 minutes from my house. I miss the gulf environment, but it sure is nice swimming in fresh water again.

"Mystic" didn't look all that great when I bought her in April, 1990 (before photo)(after photo), but a little paint, Cetol, elbow grease and a name change fixed her right up. Not that I'm finished, as any boat owner knows, the improvement projects are on going, several are described on the P-28-1 web page (link below).

MYSTICISM: I named the boat "MYSTIC" because it means one who strives to achieve direct contact or union with the divine thru deep meditation or intense contemplation of nature. The art of sailing, requires that one be in harmony with the natural forces of wind and water around you. For me, when it is at its best, sailing can be like that; a mental and physical meditation, an all involving contemplation of nature.

Below is a photograph of Mystic in her slip at the Key Allegro Marina, Rockport, Texas, on the Gulf coast.

Note: 1) The main sheet over the companionway makes room for the bimini; 2) the anchor rode deck pipe on the fore deck; and 3) you can see the end of the anchor platform on the bow (better photo below). This first version of the P-28 had no coamings around the cockpit and very little back support, something I'm going to change with wood coamings.

EXTERIOR, DECK & RIGGING IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS: Click on any part of this sailboat image map and it will show you various drawings, photo's and improvement projects related to that part of the boat. NOTE: Some of these projects (such as the jib boom) are still in the design stage.

DINGHY ON BOARD: Photo's and Text show how an 8' LOA x 4' Beam fiberglass dinghy fits on the foredeck of a Pearson 28.

INTERIOR IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS: Photo's and descriptions of interior improvement projects.

1975 P-28-1 PARTS LIST This document lists the P-28-1 boat specifications, parts data, suppliers and misc. information that will be useful to owners of older Pearson 28's.

The Pearson Line of 28' LOA Sailboats

First generation: Pearson Triton, modified full keel(1959-66)

Second Generation: Pearson 28-1, fin keel (1975-82)

Third Generation: Pearson 28-2, fin keel (1985-89)

COMPARE Specifications, sail plans and hull profiles of all three generations: It is useful to compare these boats to each other as it helps one understand the design evolutions that sailboats in general have been going through. These boats are all about the same LOA, by the same manufacturer and one was discontinued before the next one began production. So they form a lineage (even if unintentinal) in the evolution of sailboat design.


Pearson also manufactured several fiberglass powerboats.


ADVICE on buying a used sailboat.

OTHER PEARSONS A page full of photo's and brochures of other Pearson sailboat models. I'd love to post your Pearson photo's or brochures here if you'll loan them to me to scan. Your originals will be returned to you.

A to Z EMBROIDERYClick here for information on an excellent line of clothing embroidered with the "Pearson Yachts" Logo.

Atomic Bomb

The auxilary engine aboard Mystic is Universal Atomic Four gasoline engine, often affectionatly called the Atomic Bomb. Click on the Atomic Bomb above for more information on this great little engine.


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