Pearson 28 (P-28-1), fin keel (1975-82)

Pearson 28-1

PEARSON 28 (P28-1), designed by Bill Shaw. (MY BOAT!):

Pearson designed the P-28 in 1974, as evidenced by dates on two construction blueprints that I obtained with the boat. But as best I can determine they started building the fin keel P-28 in 1974, dated on the Hull I.D. as 1975 models. "Mystic" (My Boat) is hull number 008. The Hull I.D. number is "PEA54008M75C". Kim, at Rigrite, advised me that hull numbers 1-33 were built in 1974.

1975 Sail plan, hull section and interior layout.

1976-82 PEARSON 28 (brochures dated 12/76, 11/78 & 81):

1976 Sail plan, hull section and interior layout. The Sail Plan is identical to the 1975 model above, but the keel is 6" deeper and the aft edge is vertical, at least in the brochure. Members of the P28Forum discovered last year (2000) that many 1976 and later models had the same keel as the 1975 model.

Cabin Differences: Cockpit coamings, galley & stove cabinet layout, engine access improved, port pilot berth deleted, port lazarette created, bridge deck port and starboard allows a traveler to be mounted in front of companionway; door to head moved, vee-berth cut out.

SERAPIS, Lee Kennedy's 1981 P28. Lee has made several excellent improvements on "Serapis" including adding a traveler, wheel steering and a split back stay.

A previous report that there was a 1979 model with a deck stepped mast was an error. Up until 1985 the masts are stepped on the keel. Lee Kennedy reports that " my 81 P28 ('Serapis') data shows mast above DWL as 42'4" (for other data see: All the brochures I've recieved list the same hieght and sail dimensions as earlier models. It appears that the changes to the boat during this time period may have been minor and gradual refinements up until the 1985 model featured below.

"AMBROSIA II" 1976 P-28 Hull #117, owned by Don Boucher, Lewiston, Maine.

"WINDPLAYER": 1977 P-28 Hull #??? , Owned by David Foreman (4man1"at", Marion Ohio.

"RISA": 1978 P-28 Hull #253, Owned by John Termini, kijo"at" John writes: I have enjoyed reviewing your site and the information supplied in the site. I recently purchased a 1978 Pearson 28 Hull# 253, previously known as "On Location". The boat has been re-named as "Risa" and the home port in now Beverly, Massachusetts.

"BOOJUM": (photo is of Sistership) 1979 P-28 Hull #286, Owned by Mike Eveleth, Chaos155"at" Fairhope, Al. on Mobile Bay. Mike was kind enough to provide copies of a brochure previously.

"AFT A U" 1977 Pearson 28, #156, Nice Red Hull! Home port, Valejo CA, Owner: Randal Angeloni (rpangel"at", Sacramento California.

"Papillon" 1981 P-28 Hull #342, Owned by Mark Petrush (mpetrush"at", Lake Erie. Shown out of water in boat yard, has a nice yellow hull. Visit Mark's web site it has a lot more photo's. Mark has started also a Pearson 28 mailing list for email discussions.

French Canadian P-28 web siteHas limited information.

1983-84 BUC does not list any P-28's being built in 83-84, which is probably about the time that Pearson started working on the design of the Third Generation Pearson 28's.

The Pearson Line of 28' LOA Sailboats

First generation: Pearson Triton, modified full keel(1959-66)

Second Generation: Pearson 28, fin keel (1975-82) THIS SITE.

Third Generation: Pearson 28, fin keel (1985-89)

COMPARE Specifications, sail plans and hull profiles of all three generations: Some people have argued that these boats are not really part of a lineage. I disagree, given that the boats are all about the same LOA, by the same manufacturer, that one was discontinued before the next one began production, they do form a lineage even if unintentinal. It is valuable to compare them to each other as it helps one understand the design evolutions that sailboats in general have been going through.

Atomic Bomb

The auxilary engine aboard Mystic is Universal Atomic Four gasoline engine, often affectionatly called the Atomic Bomb. Click on the Atomic Bomb above for more information on this great little engine.



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